Your building and pest inspection report isn’t a formality – it’s your number one tool for renegotiating a better purchase price.

Your building and pest is not just about being sure of the biggest investment you’ll ever make, it’s about reducing the buying price if the property is flawed. Use our impeccable reputation to get the seller back to the negotiation table and you could slash your purchase price by thousands.
  • Be the expert negotiator in the room (even if you’re secretly terrified)
  • Equip your lawyer to renegotiate the best purchase price possible
  • Problem report? Use our unblemished reputation to get them to the negotiation table
  • Be confident with a thorough, comprehensive report
  • Trust Brisbane’s most experienced and reputable inspector
  • Protect your financial future with expert advice on your big investment
  • Time is everything in negotiation, don’t wait until you’re forced to settle
Find Out What My Property is REALLY Worth
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82% of our work comes straight from happy customer referrals!

  • “We were very impressed with how thorough the inspection was and even had comments from the sellers saying how in depth it was compared to the one they had. Andrew found problems that the sellers had no idea about as well”.
    Z Wicham, Brisbane
  • “With this thorough inspection, I was able to easily knock off $10K from the initial purchase price. For the small investment, it was definitely worth it.” P. Alexander, Brisbane
  • “Andrew is meticulous and detailed, the report arrived same day and the compelling photos and defect descriptions enabled us to negotiate a $7k reduction in the contract price. Highly recommended!!” S. Summers, Brisbane

It’s the biggest investment you’ll make –  don’t risk paying too much.  Book your pre-purchase inspection now and bring solid evidence to the renegotiation table.

25 Years, Thousands of Successful Negotiations.  Get Action Property Inspections on Your Team!

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