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Can My Building Inspection Report Affect My Financial Pre-Approval?

This article is for general information purposes only as we are not a financial institution and cannot provide financial advice. As always, speak to your lender or financial institution for detailed advice on how building inspection reports can affect your pre-approval. 

Have you been pre-approved to buy a new home in Brisbane, but wondering if your building inspection report will hinder your chances of securing finance through your bank? If so, read on! 

Can a bad building inspection report affect my pre-approval?

In some instances, a lending authority may require a building and pest inspection report be undertaken prior to full lending approval.  The results of a building inspection report may affect your financial pre-approval, which is why they’re conducted in the building inspection stage allocated in your contract.   

A financial institution grants pre-approval finance for home loans or purchases based solely on your credit history and what it shows them about your ability to pay back your mortgage.  That pre-approval may also be contingent on whether the building inspector finds major faults with the property you choose.  

What do I do if my bank withdraws my pre-approved finance based on the building inspection report?

Remember, your home lender may not always provide full finance when you apply for a mortgage, and while their reasoning may be based on certain protocols they follow regarding in-house approval, if their reasons are based on the results of an inspection report we provide, you have a few things to consider. 

1. Your building inspector

Our building inspection team is 100% independent from institutions so you can be assured that our building inspection report will be solely based on your property alone.  

Throughout our time in this industry, we’ve inspected a lot of buildings and written many reports. If you’re concerned about your inspection report affecting your purchase, talk to us.   

2. The seller

If you’re keen on the property, speak to the seller about the issues that arise from the building inspection. Negotiate with them over the price and what can be done, then start the financial process again.  

3. Ask yourself if the property is really ‘the one’

If the bank sees major flaws identified within the building inspection report and deemed it to be a ‘poor investment’ based on our findings, should you be investing hard-earned money in that property? 


As one of the best professional building inspectors in Brisbane, we’ve got your back.  Call us today to arrange your building inspection or book online! 



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