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A Guide to Buying Property in Brisbane During Lockdown

A Guide to Buying Property in Brisbane During Lockdown

If you live in another state, buying property in Brisbane can be a little daunting – particularly with COVID-19 restrictions meaning you can’t freely travel interstate to tour and inspect properties, or be on hand if something were to go wrong in the buying process.  

In this article, we’ll run through some tips for buying interstate, steps to prepare for buying Brisbane property whilst still living in another state, and the professionals (including building inspectors) you need on your side when considering an interstate purchase. 

Do Your Homework

When it comes to buying property in Brisbane from interstate, doing your research is some of the best advice we can give.  

Property laws differ from state to state, council to council – not just Queensland and Brisbane – so if you’re looking at buying a Brisbane property, it’s best to do your research regarding the dos and don’ts of property ownership, particularly if you want a renovator’s delight and are looking at possible extensions. 

Flood areas and other environmental concerns are also a consideration when buying a property in Queensland. 

Investment or Residential Potential

From a building inspector’s point of view, there are certain types of houses you may want to avoid if buying property in Brisbane for investment purposes.  

Older weatherboard houses, for instance, have specific upkeep requirements and potential problems that may become major issues if you’re not onsite to manage them as they arise.  

Hire a Buyer’s Agent

Buyer’s agents can be great if you’re currently in a locked-down state like Victoria or New South Wales and you can’t regularly inspect potential properties or organise building inspections. They’re there to help with all the technicalities and advocate on your behalf if you can’t present in person.  

Consult with Independent Building Inspectors

While buyer’s agents are great to have, it is important to still do your own research when it comes to consulting independent contractors and building inspectors.  

When hiring contractors or building inspectors, you want to make sure that they’re independent of real estate agent contracts and obligations.  

A good building inspector – like us – should always be focused on you, as the client, rather than meeting any obligations they have with real estate agents to provide you with a clean building inspection report prior to buying your new property.  

Buying a property in Brisbane from interstate? Contact us to discuss your options for arranging a building inspection, or book online.


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