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Building And Pest Inspections Brisbane

If you’re entering the Brisbane property market, you’ll be confronted by an attractive but confusing array of homes, units and apartments. Tread carefully. There are wonderful opportunities and disastrous pitfalls lying in wait for you. Expert building and pest inspections are the only way to ensure your Brisbane property is up to scratch.

Our unique sub-tropical climate and coastal lifestyle translates to building and pest problems that can turn your dream purchase into a terrible nightmare that will haunt you financially for years to come. Differentiating between a good, structurally-sound building and one you shouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole calls for an expert opinion. Here’s why you should put inspections on your ‘to do’ list today.

What is a building and pest inspection?

A building and pest inspection is actually two inspections. That’s because the purpose and focus of each inspection is different. They demand different qualifications, equipment and experience.

Some building and pest inspection services will utilise the services of two suitably-qualified inspectors to assess the property simultaneously so you can get a building and pest inspection in Brisbane at the same time, speeding up the process dramatically. That’s particularly important if the property is on the market and the clock is ticking.

Building and pest inspections form part of a raft of other more specific inspections (including swimming pool inspections) that you can organise prior to purchasing a property in Brisbane. These inspections can also be helpful when renovating or assessing the value of a property you already own. The latter is particularly valuable if you have concerns about your property and want to identify any problems and take steps early to rectify them before they cost you even more money.

A standard building and pest inspection in Brisbane is made up of two equally crucial component parts:

  1. Inspection of the building for structural defects and other problems; and
  2. Inspection of the building for signs of past or present pest infestations.

Together, they can give you a clear picture as to the true state of the property.

1. What to expect from a building inspection in Brisbane

A building inspection is the comprehensive inspection and assessment of a property by an expert who is licensed to carry out the right type of inspection for the type of building in question. The licensing of building inspectors is overseen by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

Different types of building inspections

Irrespective of whether it’s a home, unit, apartment or commercial premises, an inspection is a way of guarding against buying a property that’s structurally unsound. Different types of buildings call for specialised expertise, qualifications and accreditation. Obviously, a building inspector would look for different problems when assessing a high-rise apartment as opposed to, say, a traditional Queenslander.

What your building inspection will cover

When you organise a professional building inspection, that inspection won’t be just limited to the building itself. It can also extend to the immediately adjacent area and surrounds of your property. Anything that might have an adverse impact on the structural integrity of your property, like trees and retaining walls etc.

A building inspector will conduct a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your property, walls, ceilings and floors, the interior roof space, outside surface of the roof itself, spouting and drains, the sub-floor area and the immediate surrounds of the property. They will conduct a visual inspection along with assessments using tools like a moisture meter.

Purpose of a building inspection

The purpose of a building inspection is to check for and to document any structural defects in the building or in its surroundings that can adversely impact on the structural integrity of the building.

In other words, your building inspector is looking for defects that are already dangerous or might become dangerous. They’re also looking for less serious problems that could potentially cost you money in the long run if not addressed. This can include:

  • issues with drainage or water leaks;
  • concrete cancer;
  • subsidence; or
  • extensions or additions to your building that don’t meet the appropriate standards.

A building inspection will often involve the use of specialised equipment and technology to detect ‘latent’ (hidden) defects in a property that aren’t immediately apparent from a visual inspection.

2. What to expect from a pest inspection in Brisbane

A pest inspection in Brisbane involves a comprehensive inspection of a property for the purpose of identifying whether the property is affected by an infestation of pests. You can also obtain a termite inspection: a pest inspection that checks specifically for the presence of termites. Your pest inspection will also document and quantify any damage caused by the termites.

Sometimes a structural or drainage problem can also lead to a termite infestation or allow other pests into your property. For example, termites thrive in moist, warm conditions, so having a neglected leaking pipe or cracks in your concrete is like rolling out the red carpet for bugs. Similarly, cracks can also allow ants, spiders, rats and mice to easily come and go from your property. A qualified building and pest inspection will identify these problem areas.

When you should consider getting a building and pest inspection in Brisbane

You should organise a building and pest inspection if you’re:

  • buying a property; or
  • have concerns about a property you already own.

Buying a property

If you’re seriously considering purchasing a property, you want to do all you can to ensure that you’re making a wise move. A pre-purchase building inspection is specifically geared for this situation.

It’s commonplace for vendors to carry out extensive cosmetic works on a property prior to putting it on the market for sale. This can include rendering exterior walls, re-plastering, filling in cracks and repainting the interior and exterior of the property. It’s not just to improve the aesthetic appeal of the property. It’s also a way to conceal serious structural and pest problems with the property. To your untrained eye, it might look like a great buy. An expert building and pest inspector can identify what lies beneath the cosmetic improvements on your Brisbane property, and let you know whether there’s any cause for concern.

Your existing property

One of the down sides of property ownership is having to spend money. Constantly putting your hand into your pocket to fork out for maintenance and repairs can be financially draining. A serious structural or pest problem can cost not only thousands, but tens of thousands of dollars. It can also be downright dangerous. That’s why being proactive and preventing these problems from worsening is critical. You have to identify them before they spiral out of control.

Property ownership has its ups and downs. Not identifying pest and building problems as early as possible is like setting sail for stormy seas blindfolded in a leaky boat. Only professional, comprehensive and expert building and pest inspections in Brisbane can equip you with the knowledge and advice you need to clearly see your property for what it is…warts and all.

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