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Dangers That Could Be Above Your Head

Whilst the exterior aspects of a roof including the tiles and flashings are inspected as part of a full pre-purchase building inspection, an interior roof inspection is just as important. What may be occurring in your roof space could surprise you. Here are five dangers that could be lurking above your head.


From a safety aspect, the structure of the roof is critical. Anything from inadequate bracing and tie downs to damaged rafters or ceiling joists could mean your ceiling and roof is not being supported as it should be. It could be a result of poor workmanship or simply age. Regardless, it needs to be checked.

Damaged insulation

Insulation, or roof sarking, helps to improve the comfort within a home by regulating the temperature and helps to prevent internal water penetration. An interior roof inspection will not only check that insulation and sarking is installed appropriately and safely, but is in good condition and working effectively.


When a regular roof inspection is not undertaken, the potential for interior damage to the roof is heightened. Commonly, damage is first noticed on the ceiling, whether it be water stains, or blistering paint, all of which can indicate a leak. This can often be long after water first entered the cavity. If left to linger, it can cause rafter and roof trusses to decay and result in extensive damage with expensive repairs.


A building inspector will look for adequate roof space ventilation as well as signs of condensation and mould etc whilst inside the attic or roof space. A lack of ventilation, can result in timber rot and premature roof deterioration.


It’s not uncommon for birds, possums and vermin to take shelter in a roof. Whilst many nests may be harmless, reporting the presence of any uninvited visitors is essential and may need to be monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure they don’t cause damage to wiring or insulation.

Arranging an interior roof inspection

When organising a building inspection, ensure the company you choose has experience. A professional needs to know what to look out for, but also needs to know how to navigate a roof so that insulation is not damaged or wiring tampered with. One step in the wrong place could be disastrous. An interior roof inspection is critical.

Your interior roof inspection can be booked online or by phone with Action Property Inspections today.



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