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Preventing Termites With A Pest Inspection

Preventing Termites Starts With A Pest Inspection

Did you know that termites could cause damage to a home that can result in one of the most expensive outlays? Termites can travel silently underground and can even infiltrate a property via cracks in concrete or gaps in mortar etc. The home of your dreams could actually be at risk of termites without anyone knowing. Preventing termites from infesting your home, starts with an essential pest inspection!

When making the decision to purchase a home, a building inspection is generally right up there on the list of must-dos. But while you’re checking out the structural features, it’s also the perfect time to organise a pest inspection.

Protecting a home from termites

There are many methods that can be adopted to protect a property against uninvited pests. The key to saving money is to detect pest or termite activity as early as possible before damage becomes far too widespread.

A professional pest inspector uses thermal imaging equipment, moisture meters, tapping stick and an experienced eye to identify existing damage as well as potential areas around the home that could be a safe haven for pests. They will also use a range of techniques to help protect a home and establish barriers to entry. They can establish a maintenance plan that homeowners can easily apply to ensure the property is safe in the long term.

Tips to prevent termites

Property owners can play a large part in preventing termite infestations by helping to make their homes a place where pests no longer want to live.

  • Clean up: Keeping the vicinity of a home free of timber and other materials is a great way to remove the attractiveness of a home for pests. When there is no food source against your house you can minimise the risk of termite attack.
  • Stop leaks: Leaking pipes and taps create moist areas around the home, which establish an environment that pests love. Anywhere where there is a food or water source is the perfect match for them. Fixing leaks will save money on your water bill too!
  • Treated timber: Garden beds commonly use timber for structures and retaining walls. It is essential that only treated timber be used, otherwise this becomes a magnet for termites that may be in the neighbourhood and around your property. Even treated timber sometimes succumbs to termite attack, so keep all timber away from the walls of your house.

A professional pest inspection

Not only should you seek the services of a professional pest inspector before purchasing a property, when it comes to preventing termites it is also wise to get an annual inspection of your current property so you know the home your family resides in is safe and structurally sound.

Don’t let pests get the upper hand and cause potential damage resulting in expensive repairs. Organise a pest inspection today. Don’t risk it.

Contact Action Property Inspections with any questions you may have in relation to property inspections and preventing termites in your home.


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