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Your Building Report – Building Report Fees

Building Report Fees – You Get What You Pay For

When it comes to organising a building report, unfortunately the building industry is not immune to those who set out to mislead and be dishonest.  Seeking the services of a professional to undertake an essential building and pest inspection can be confusing and to make matters worse the quotes you receive can be just as varied.

There are some instances where you get what you pay for, however if you equip yourself with knowledge and a few must-ask-questions, true professionals will stand out.

What should a building report cost?

The cost of a building report is highly dependent on the property in question.  The size and the type of home/building itself are significant factors, so too are the specifics of the service that you are seeking.  Whether you are after a building inspection, a pest inspection or a combination of these, the costs can vary.

There is no flat rate for any one inspection so as important as getting quotes is, so too is knowing what to look out for and what each inspection should cover.  That way when comparing quotes you can do so as evenly as possible.

Here are a few things that you need to consider before hiring an inspector to prepare a report for you.

Every Inspector must hold a valid industry-recognised license and insurance

All building inspectors must hold a license with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission formerly known as the Building Services Authority.  Make sure you ask to view the license and take note of the expiry date.  The Queensland Building and Construction Commission requires that inspectors have professional indemnity insurance.  However, a Building Inspection License does not guarantee the inspector has Professional Indemnity Insurance as there are instances where inspectors can waive this condition of their license.  It is therefore imperative that you ask to sight the Certificate of Currency of your building inspector’s Professional Indemnity Insurance policy.  Should a claim arise, this is a necessary safety net providing protection for everyone involved.

Will the report include digital photographs of the inspection and findings?

Not all reports include digital images however sourcing a service that does will give you not only proof of findings but something to fall back on should the need arise.

When you are paying for photos, make sure they are of the property you are getting inspected, and not general or indicative images shared amongst the masses.  Yes, it happens!

Don’t accept a “Structural Only Inspection’

If an inspector promises to undertake a structural only inspection and present you with a structural only report, be aware that it alone does not comply with the Australian Standard 4349.1-2007.

You must receive a ‘Full Defect Report’. This will provide you with the true status of the property under review and a full condition report.

A building inspection report and pest inspection report should never be combined

Be wary of any company or inspector that offers to present you with a combined building and pest inspection report.  The main reason is that these inspections are very different and you may run the risk of having them being completed in a sub standard manner.  When you are seeking the truth about a property, you must not compromise.

Chances are, you won’t want to pay for a building report for each and every property that interests you so be selective and use a home inspection checklist during your visits to help sieve out those that require significant attention.  Once you have your most favored property in sight, call on the one inspection company, Action Property Inspections who go above and beyond every time to provide you with the truth and nothing but the truth.  Don’t trust your building report with anyone else.

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