There are specific internal wet areas of house that are fully inspected as part of a full pre-purchase property inspection.   Bathroom, toilet and shower inspections are required as these are known problem areas when inspecting a property. These sections are known for leakages which can cause serious damage such as corrosion, decay, and moisture penetration. Leaking or cracked toilets also have health concerns associated.

We check:


  • Leaking shower flashings
  • Drummy wall and floor tiles
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Ensuites
  • Inadequate shower / bath sealant
  • Shower screen glass
  • Floor waste installation


  • Leaking rubber seals
  • Leaking Cistern
  • Loose and cracked toilet pans
  • Cistern adjustments


  • Floor waste installation
  • Rusting cabinet
  • Adequate silicone sealant


  • Cabinet and bench moisture damage
  • Damaged splashback’s
  • Stove damage