As part of your comprehensive pre-purchase inspection, Brisbane locals, Action property Inspections, conducts detailed underfloor inspections.

The underfloor area is where the house is supported, making it a vital stage in the inspection process.  Components such as stumps, retaining and foundation walls, and tie downs are important sections of the underfloor inspection as they are vital to the structural integrity of the building.  Problems with your new home’s foundations are the single biggest risk to your blue chip investment turning out to be a lemon.

How do our building inspection reports compare to reports from our competitors? Our detailed reports, including photos and layman’s explanations give you 100% peace of mind.  And if there’s a problem?  Our pre-purchase building inspection reports (see a sample report) are your best weapon in reducing your purchase price, or getting out of a bad contract.  Don’t you want that kind of security?

Underfloor Area
Sub-floor inspection
Underfloor Area

Underfloor Building Inspections

Here’s what we’ll check as part of our comprehensive pre-purchase building inspection.


  • Stumps
  • Spalling damage
  • Decay
  • Settlement
  • Lateral movement

Tie Downs

  • Inadequate or missing tie downs
  • Rusting strapping
  • Cyclone rods

Termite Barriers

  • Ant Caps
  • Breached and incorrectly installed termite barriers
  • Conducive termite conditions

Bearers and Joists

  • Undersized timber sections
  • Excessive deflection
  • Incorrect connections

Foundation Walls

  • Tanking barrier failure
  • Separating or inadequate engaged piers
  • Cracking

Retaining Walls

  • Cracking
  • Decay
  • Subterranean drainage
  • Outward movement


  • Broken boards
  • Borer damage
  • Loose boards


  • Decaying bearer connections
  • Delignification
  • Showerflashing decay

Concrete Slab

  • Cracking
  • Slab edge moisture penetration

A solid property investment rests on solid foundations.  Don’t risk an inferior Brisbane building inspector.  Trust our comprehensive reports, award winning service and decades of experience.  We’re 100% independent and 100% on your side.

Make Sure Your Home Is Built on Solid Foundations

Avoid costly problems with our comprehensive pre-purchase inspections. Future you will thank you!