As part of a full pre-purchase building inspection, Action Property Inspections provides a comprehensive interior house inspection.  The interior of your prospective property is where you will spend the majority of your time, meaning you will want to ensure it is safe and secure for you and your family. The interior can also cost you the most long term so a thorough and trustworthy pre-perchase inspection report is essential. Action Property Inspections will conduct a thorough analysis to give you piece of mind.

The interior part of your house inspection includes:

Internal Linings

  • Nails popping
  • Defective lining
  • Wall Cracking
  • Cornice distortion
  • Rough patching

Paint and Wallpaper Finish

  • Paint Blistering
  • Marks and blemishes
  • Evidence of water penetration


  • Evidence of moisture penetration
  • Wall cracking
  • Rising damp
  • Drummy render

Timber Flooring

  • Excessive floor undulation
  • Loose boards
  • Excessive shrinkage gaps
  • Springy floors

Carpets, Vinyl and Floor Tiles

  • Carpet wear and staining
  • Drummy and loose floor tiles
  • Torn vinyl


  • Hinge bound and Binding doors
  • Door jamb alignment
  • Door furniture repairs

Our house inspections include photographs and detailed explanations of any issues so you can feel confident approaching the seller about any problems.


  • Latch repairs
  • Cracked glass
  • Binding sashes
  • Inadequate flashing
  • Decay
  • Weep holes


  • General building compliance
  • Riser gaps
  • Loose handrails and balustrading

Ceiling Fans

  • Operation of fans
  • Wobbly fans
  • Broken control units
  • Noisy fans

Fly Screens

  • Bent fly screen frames
  • Torn fly screen wire


  • Inadequate heat shielding
  • Broken hearth and surround
  • Missing grates
  • Damaged mantel

Pre-Purchase Report

Your pre-purchase report will detail all elements of the internal home inspection and Andrew, our inspector is on hand to discuss any issues.  Once you have your pre-purchase report, it’s vital to assess any problems, get quotes for repairs and make the right investment decision.  Our reports are so trusted that they’re often used to renegotiate purchase prices.  Agents don’t like Action Property Inspections because we’re “too thorough” – which is how you know we work only for you.

We promise to give you the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

After 25 years providing trusted Brisbane house inspections, trust us to protect your investment.