How Much Does A Building Inspection Cost In Brisbane?

A Brisbane pre-purchase inspection report costs anywhere between $400 and $1600. In NSW and Victoria the cost of a property inspection report can be up to $3000. So, why the big price difference? Aren’t all building and pest inspections the same? They cover the same things right?

While all building and pest inspections are required to cover the items listed in the Australian Standard of Building Inspections set by Standards Australia it’s not what, but how that determines the price of your pre-purchase building inspection. The how will make all the difference.

The investment wrecking rule that home buyers ignore

How. There’s a tried and true adage in the service industry: Cheap, Fast, Good – You Can Pick Two. Home buyers ignore this ‘rule’ when preparing to purchase a home and it’s the biggest mistake you can make. How much does a cheap pre-purchase property report cost? It can be in the tens of thousands!

Cheap and good – That sweet spot, right?

Whether it’s a first home renovator or a luxury home, money is always a concern when you’re in the process of making the biggest purchase of your lifetime to date. Unlike other industries, pre-purchase inspections must be fast. From the time you sign on that line and put your deposit down, the clock is ticking.

Waiting too long for your building and pest means you’ll run out of time to make important decisions based on the findings. To buy or not to buy? To negotiate a better price or to accept that the property is flawed and proceed anyway? These are decisions that will shape your financial future and determine if the property is a good investment or a lemon. So your pre-purchase inspection needs to be fast.

The TOUGH reality of a late report

There are many building inspectors in Brisbane who price themselves at the low end of the market. While it might be tempting to save a few bucks, the reality is that there are NO good building inspectors at the low end of the market! In fact, there are very few good building inspectors full stop.

This is a very scary reality for someone going through the already very scary process of buying a home. If you save a few bucks and get a bad building inspection AND are lucky enough to pick up on the dodgy report, you are racing against the clock to organise a second inspection (there goes the few buck you initially saved). Scrambling to find an inspector to come in the time you have left is a risk you don’t want to take!

The reality is that you may find yourself with only a day or two until your unconditional date with a problematic report. In just a few hours you’ll need to get estimates on fixing the problems. You’ll need to make some of the biggest financial decisions of your life without the proper time needed to make an educated choice. Sounds risky and very stressful right? It is.

Cheap, fast, building and pest inspections in Brisbane

For a building and pest inspection company, offering cheap, fast inspections is only possible through volume. They have dozens of inspectors out on the road performing up to eight inspections a day. That means your inspection may only last 20 minutes. Your inspector will have a quick look to make sure there’s nothing obviously wrong with the home. They’ll check for necessities like ant caps, drainage and signs of termite infestation. If there’s nothing visible, they’ll note that by ‘ filling in the spaces’ on their pre-purchase inspection template.

The worst decision first home buyers can make, and you’re probably thinking about making it

When money’s tight, the temptation is always there to cut corners. Maybe you’ve already stretched yourself beyond your budget to secure a property in this volatile market? Maybe you’re budgeting for much needed renovations or redecorating. The temptation to opt for a cheap building and pest inspection could cost you more than you imagine. The cheaper the home you’re buying, the more you should invest in a proper building and pest inspection. The ‘renovator’s dream’ becomes a nightmare pretty fast when something major is missed at the inspection phase. And it happens all the time.

And remember, the more you’re spending, the more you’re risking. Don’t think because a home looks beautiful it can’t be masking hidden disasters.

What does a good, fast building inspection cost in Brisbane?
Spoiler – It could make you money!

Good and fast. Yes, the good fast option costs a bit more. Here’s why:

  • Your inspector will spend time at the property fully investigating potential problems.
  • Your inspector will document (both with images and remarks) problems to support you in the negotiation process.
  • Your inspector will provide a comprehensive report ON YOUR PROPERTY – it will discuss your property in detail backed up with photography of the most significant issues, not use generic vague phrases and sample images.
  • Your inspector will advise you on ‘big problems’ vs ‘cosmetic problems’ and point you in the right direction for investigating costs to repair.
  • Your inspector will have years of experience on the kind of property you’re buying.

So why does all this matter? While every property is different, Action Property Inspections clients renegotiate their buying price by at least four times what they pay for the inspection and often significantly more. You’ll get the best possible information, fast AND you might just find yourself saving a bundle on your new home.


Tip: If estate agents hate the building and pest company, they’re probably great

We don’t get referrals from real estate agencies. In fact, real estate sellers actively try to steer buyers towards companies that won’t provide in depth investigation and reporting. That kind of inspection report holds up sales because the buyer is aware…. it makes the buyer beware.

What does a good, fast pre-purchase inspection actually cost?

What is the ACTUAL cost difference between a ‘fast, cheap’ inspection and a ‘fast, good’ inspection?


Such a little difference can make such a BIG difference.

For first home buyers picking up a $450,000 home the difference between securing your financial future and risking financial disaster is actually less than a tenth of 1% difference.*

That miniscule difference could change your financial future forever – and it might even pay off in reduced purchase price. Why wouldn’t you spend a little more?

0.1966 Vs 0.1111% of your purchase price on a $450,000 at $885 vs $500 inspection cost.*