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    Property Inspection Checklist Guides

    Building inspection checklist and template

    The quality of building inspections and the accompanying report can vary significantly. Choosing the incorrect company could ultimately prove to be expensive and dangerous, therefore you need to ensure you’re making the best decision by using our Property Inspection Checklist. For a lot of us, this will be your first pre-purchase inspection, walk into it armed with the right information.

    Why using a property inspection checklist is important

    Whether you are looking to have a pre-settlement property inspection done for a home you are looking to buy or an annual building inspection, our property inspection downloadable template will help you in any situation. This downloadable and printable PDF will include a building inspector checklist, a property inspection checklist, a pre-settlement checklist and will tell you what questions you should ask an agent, vendor or solicitor before buying a house. Our checklist will ensure that you cover all bases and that nothing is missed during an inspection. Download today!

    Keep an informed eye on your property inspector!

    Unfortunately, the building inspection industry is far from honest and, some inspection companies are affiliated with real estate agencies. This means they receive referrals or even commission and may be more likely to overlook deficiencies in your property, to ensure they maintain their relationship with the real estate agency. Action Property Inspections are NOT affiliated with any real estate agencies and proudly 82% of business is referred from clients.

    What to ask a property inspector

    To safeguard against these types of companies, Action Property Inspections have created a comprehensive Home Inspection Checklist which includes questions to ask when speaking to home inspection companies. Action Property Inspections guarantee to complete the most thorough building inspection possible and provide a comprehensive, professional, and timely report without compromising integrity.

    Learn more about our values, our inspector and our approach to building inspections.