As part of a full pre-purchase building inspection, Action Property Inspections conducts a roof interior inspection.

Roof inspections need to be performed with care, as an amateur may damage the insulation decreasing its effectiveness. It can also prove hazardous as one wrong step can send the inspector through the roof.  Our roofing inspection will be performed by an experience and reputable Brisbane building inspector.  Andrew’s been protecting buyers for over 25 years.

See also exterior roof inspections.

A roof inspection report will detect decay in the battens and rafters as well as damaged sarking and delignification of timbers. This roof inspection report is important as decay is a serious condition, and can cause harm to your family. Call Action Property Inspections today to book your home inspection.

Action Property Inspections are licensed, professionally accredited and insured QBSA Master Builder, and members of Institute of Building Consultants, so you can rest assured your building inspection will be of the highest quality.

If we find a problem, we’ll provide you with images and a comprehensive explanation so you’re armed with all the information you need to renegotiate the price on your new home, or even get out of the contract.

We check:

Roof Structure

  • Roof deflection
  • Split rafters
  • Inadequate bracing and tie down
  • Inadequate truss clearance


  • Decaying battens and rafters
  • Damaged sarking
  • Delignification of timbers

Ceiling Linings

  • Detatchment of ceiling from joists
  • Inadequate back blocking
  • Ceiling deflection





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