As part of a full pre-purchase building inspection, we conduct a garage inspection.  Among other issues, a garage inspection will analyse moisture penetration as it is a major issue for garages that have a concrete slab.  Poor drainage and deficient slab edge protection can lead to moisture penetration resulting in spalling damage and general slab deterioration.  Excessive concrete cracking is generally caused by a combination of reasons including drying shrinkage, thermal contraction, or applied loads.

Poor construction and lack of maintenance, and can lead to damaged internal linings, inadequate bracing and tie downs, defective garage door operation, and faulty electronics.

We check:

Concrete Slab

  • Excessive cracking,
  • Slab edge moisture penetration,
  • Surface deterioration


  • Inadequate bracing and tie down
  • Garage door operation
  • Damaged internal linings