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Building and Pest Inspections North Brisbane – Now Is The Time To Act!

To say that Brisbane is a diverse city is a dramatic understatement. Ours is a city that’s been built on the backs of those who came before us. Working class suburbs borne of hard work and grit. Premium suburbs where blue-chip properties rub well-to-do shoulders with well-appointed schools and parklands. Shopping strip malls laze in the sun next to properties that have been rented out to those in need since well before you or I were born. Land that’s been reclaimed back from the bush and back from the marshes is now equipped with every modern convenience that you could dream of. Every suburb, every street, every corner has a different tale to tell and, as a North Brisbanite through and through, you’re dying to hear them all.

Home after home, generation after generation, have grown up here and it’s this eclectic history that makes North Brisbane the best place on earth. The weather, the higgledy-piggledy side street, the boutique markets, the foreshore to the north and Eat Street markets dipping its toes in the Brisbane River. North Brisbane is, and always has been, the place to be.

There is, however, one aspect of property ownership that each and every single one of these homes has in common. The need for a thorough, professional building and pest inspection. North Brisbane may be beautiful, but she sure can be deadly for property owners. And you need to know what you’re buying.

Suburban struggles

The wide-reaching, increasingly complex property demographics of greater Brisbane means that there is an incredible diversity when it comes to property type, property size and property needs.

Consider a comparison between a home on reclaimed land in North Lakes, developed as a direct result of urban sprawl, to a centuries old worker’s cottage in Nundah.  Both are properties in North Brisbane. Both are up for sale and both have a number of interested prospective purchasers.

The building and pest inspection in North Lakes would be focused on meeting the rigorous requirements of the standard inspection test. However, there would also be a number of area-specific factors that would require special attention. An experienced inspector would know to give careful scrutiny to not only to the foundations of the structure, given the nature of its reclaimed land status, but also to the integrity of the ground as well. Time would be allotted to a thorough pest inspection that would take into consideration the outreach location of the property as well as seasonal and area specific species.

The worker’s cottage in Nundah will, most likely, be purchased and then renovated to sell. Therefore, a building inspection would have to ensure structural integrity as well as a close look underneath the house to make sure everyone was aware of possible rot and mould. The grounds, the roofing and the durability of the walls and floors would all be under the microscope as well.

All about history

Homes in the blue-chip suburbs of North Brisbane require thorough building and pest inspections. These homes come with a hefty price tag and, as a result, it’s a case of buyer beware to ensure that you don’t end up paying a lot more than you bargained for. Million dollar purchase prices are nothing when you consider that you may have to shell out twice as much to build your absolute dream home. Without an accurate building and pest inspection, you’re in the dark about what you’re really buying.

History also comes into play in the outlying suburbs of Deception Bay up to Caboolture. Many homes in this vicinity have a long history of being rented out so building and pest inspections would keep that in mind when looking for damage and disaster. The last thing you want is to take over ownership of a home that’s been rented out for years only to discover a plethora of hidden nasties that the previous landlord couldn’t be bothered to deal with. Don’t let their laziness become your liability!

Why get an inspection?

It just makes sense to gather as much information as possible about the property you are considering for purchase. This knowledge stands you in good stead to make a sound decision. Too often, the market is flooded with ‘quick and easy’ building inspectors who do not do the right thing when it comes to your peace of mind.

Building and pest inspections give you a complete picture of what you’re entering into so you can make an informed decision. A small cost now at the start of the process could well prevent a blow-out cost when it’s too late to turn back. Get that knowledge – get that inspection.

From New Farm to Narangba, Enoggera to Eagle Farm, Clayfield to Chermside – building and pest inspections are the piece of the property puzzle that you need to make sure you have in place as soon as possible.

North Brisbane building and pest inspections today

If you are buying or selling in North Brisbane, you need to ensure you engage the services of a professional building inspector with a long-standing reputation for excellence in the region. Building and pest inspections should be thorough, transparent and presented to you in language that you can understand and act upon.

Action Property Inspections have lived and breathed Brisbane building and pest inspections for over 25 years. This is a family-built company and brand that you trust.

Action Property Inspections do not work with real estate agents – their partnership is with YOU and they want to help you see through the buying or selling process with the best possible outcome.

If you’re looking for building and pest inspections in North Brisbane, get in contact with Action Property Inspections for an obligation-free quote today!

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