Is your pre-purchase property inspection incomplete? Find out what you can expect to find in a thorough report and what to do if yours is lacking
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Help! My Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report Seems Incomplete!

If you’ve undergone a pre-purchase property inspection with a Queensland property but the report seems a little lacking on the details, never fear. You do have options! 

If you’re a first-time buyer or investing on a budget, you don’t want to skip a pre-purchase inspection. Queensland properties can hide a multitude of defects and a professional inspector is your best bet for catching those defects before you buy. You want an inspection that provides you with all the information you need to help you make an informed choice.  Action Property Inspections is more than happy to help – our experienced inspector will help you make the best choice for you and your family. If your pre-purchase inspection report doesn’t provide you with all the information you think should be there, get a second opinion! Book an appointment with Action Property Inspections today. 

What to expect from your pre-purchase inspection

Pre-purchase property inspections are a hugely valuable tool when looking to buy property in Queensland. There are three main reasons why people get a pre-purchase property inspection done. These include:

  1. Advance knowledge of problems with the building;
  2. As a negotiating tool with the seller;
  3. As a way of obtaining specialist advice about any major problems and how the property might be affected with these problems over time.

So, what parts of the property are included in a pre-purchase property inspection report? Knowing what is included and what isn’t can help you manage your expectations and make informed choices about who to turn to should your report lack the information you need. A standard inspection report can differ depending on the type of property you’re looking to buy, as well as its size and age. In a standard report, all accessible parts of a property are usually covered, including: 

  • The accessible interior and exterior parts of the building;
  • The roof space;
  • Under the floor space;
  • The roof exterior;
  • The site itself.

These external allotment areas in particular are usually included:

  • The garage, carport, and any garden sheds;
  • The laundry or toilet, if separate from the building;
  • Small non-structural retaining walls;
  • Steps; 
  • Fences;
  • Surface water drainage;
  • Storm water runoff;
  • Pathways and driveways.

A pre-purchase property inspection is limited, and is only meant to be a reasonable attempt to identify problems. For example, an inspector can only examine the accessible parts of the property eg. they cannot see in the walls or under the ground. However, their experience may enable them to give an opinion on these areas based on other evidence. They also won’t be able to go into detail about minor defects that may exist. 

Get a second opinion

Looking to book a pre-purchase inspection? Queensland property buyers are advised to do research on the company before booking them. You need to establish the inspector’s credentials. Are they trade qualified? Do they have insurance, and what kind? How many inspections have they conducted in the past month, or the past year? Do they see repeat business? All of these things help you establish how experienced and qualified they are. Once you’re satisfied with that, ask them about any conditions or exclusions they might have. A big list of conditions and exclusions, such as the inspector being unwilling to examine under the floor, or the roof cavity can be a big red flag.  

If after your pre-purchase property inspection, you believe the report has any big omissions or has not provided you with information that you believe should be in it, get a second opinion. There are several things a useful report should focus on, such as the floors, the walls, the roof, and allotment. If these are missing, that’s another big red flag. If the report provides photos and you notice these aren’t of the property you’re interested in, they might be stock photos – another big red flag!  

 Buying a property is a huge financial gamble, and you are well within your rights to shop around. You may want to get an inspection from a different company, or else if you have specific concerns, you could consider obtaining assessments from experts such as pest inspectors, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, surveyors, solicitors, the electricity supply authority, or the water supply authority. 

When it comes to purchasing a potential new home, spending money on an expert inspection from suitably accredited inspectors will actually save you money in the long run, and provide you with much needed confidence and peace of mind.

For a second opinion on your pre-purchase inspection, contact Action Property Inspections and book an appointment today!



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