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What’s NOT Covered In A Building And Pest Inspection In Brisbane?

What’s NOT Covered In A Building And Pest Inspection In Brisbane?

There are some things you know you should pay more for and some things you don’t. When it comes to a building and pest inspection in Brisbane, you should ALWAYS pay more for quality.

Just like you wouldn’t pay for a cheap as chips car and expect it to be safe and defect-free, you wouldn’t pay for a cheap as chips building inspector and expect them to do a thorough inspection and bring other concerns to your attention – even when they aren’t the professional to deal with it.

It’s not within our scope but we will still include it in a building and pest inspection report

Unfortunately, in many industries there seems to be the mentality of “that’s not my job, so I won’t report it.” But this approach is detrimental to any business and their reputation. It only takes a small amount of time to make observation notes on a building and pest inspection report, observations which are potentially outlining serious risks to the safety of others. So instead of ignoring these things because they aren’t within our specific area of expertise, we highlight them because we are quality building inspectors who put our clients’ best interests first.

To explain, let’s consider things in a property like ovens, air conditioning, fire exits and shonky DIY extensions. These faults are not directly within our scope, but a good building and pest inspector should highlight any and all issues so you can have them seen to by the appropriate professional like a pool inspector, plumber or electrician.

Discover why we have more than one hundred 5-star reviews on Google

I decided to use Action Property Inspections due to reading the amazing reviews and feedback on this company. After meeting Andrew on site, I can see why this business has the reviews it has. Andrew was extremely thorough in checking the house and property I was looking to purchase, so much so that even the real estate agent said he had never seen an inspector be so thorough in undertaking a building inspection. After inspecting the property Andrew spent time discussing with me some small concerns he had. I received a very detailed building report on the same day of the inspection. I’m very happy I chose Action Property Inspections to undertake my building inspection. They were not the cheapest, but buying a property is a major investment and I couldn’t justify the risk of using a company with mixed reviews. I highly recommend anyone to use Action Property Inspections. – Jenny Nance

I had Andrew inspect a property for me prior to purchase. He was exceptionally thorough. Went into and on the roof, under the floor, even checked the sheds. When it came time for the verbal report he went out of his way to ensure that the agent would not be able to overhear – which they actually tried to do. The written report was extensive with plenty of photographs. In fact, when I showed it to my friend, who has over 40 years’ experience in real estate and the building industry, his response was that it was the best prepared and most thorough report he’d ever seen. Based on that report I was able to cancel the contract which saved me thousands of dollars in repairs and future maintenance costs. I highly recommend both Andrew and Action Property Inspections. The fee may be higher than others in the industry, but it’s an investment well worth making. – Kezza

The most detailed report we have ever received. Andrew was able to give us a summary in plain language so that we can understand. He also picked up on things that even the certifier has missed. Highly recommend his service and value for money! – Je-Ti Hsieh

Just these three reviews show the obvious fact that quality building and pest inspectors in Brisbane are few and far between.

Why you should ask to see a sample report

Before you select a building inspector, ask to see a sample inspection report. You might be very shocked to find what they don’t include in their inspection when really, they should. Often there are relatively obvious defects that are observed which we believe should still be noted even though it is not within our area of expertise. For example, we will record and include photos of defects like corroded water pipes, range-hoods that aren’t externally ducted or problems with water pressure, suggesting to the client that although we are unable to inspect, further inspection is required by the most suitable professional.

Why time on site is important

When looking for a building inspector, ask them about how long they spend on site. If it’s a quick 20 minutes, it’s obvious that a thorough job cannot be guaranteed, and it’s highly unlikely you’ll have out of scope items included. More importantly, it’s a huge red flag if an inspector doesn’t want you on site during the inspection. Integrity is so crucial in this industry and we’re proud to uphold ours to the very highest of standards.

Experience counts

Many building inspectors will not provide the extra detail that can be expected in a report from Action Property Inspections. And though it can be due to cutting corners, it can also be because they lack the experience and/or qualifications.

Action Inspections head inspector Andrew Mackintosh, has over 20 years of experience working as a building inspector in Brisbane. He is also a licensed builder which is a requirement to apply for a building inspector license. This means:

  1. Andrew has likely seen every type of defect you can imagine in a property
  2. Andrew knows the Brisbane area well; he knows the problems Brisbane properties face and he’s seen a myriad of different weather patterns that can affect Brisbane properties. Someone with just a couple of years’ experience is unlikely to have this knowledge.
  3. As a licensed builder and experienced building inspector, Andrew can identify a problem even if it’s not his area of expertise and can report as required.

We may not be the cheapest building and pest inspection in Brisbane, but we are honest, thorough, experienced and willing to go the extra mile which we think is worth the additional investment in one of life’s most significant investments.

Thinking of purchasing a property? Contact us for your building and pest inspection in Brisbane.


About Andrew Mackintosh

Andrew Mackintosh has been answering home inspection questions in the greater Brisbane area since 1995. He has personally carried out over 20,000 building inspections and is a licensed builder and licensed building inspector, Member of Queensland Master Builders Association & Institute of Building Consultants. Being the business owner and the inspector, Andrew is passionate about providing clients with excellent customer service, value for money, honest, unbiased, thorough inspection and reporting in a professional and timely manner to allow clients to make informed decisions when purchasing property.

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