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Building Code of Australia and Building Inspectors

What Is The Building Code Of Australia?

Australia has a rigorous building code, which governs the standards that must be met with all new buildings constructed. The Building Code Of Australia, or BCA is designed to ensure that all areas of building from design to construction are carefully regulated.

Contents of the BCA

The specifics of the BCA are contained in two large volumes and are updated regularly. It forms part of the National Construction Code (NCC) and therefore ensures a consistent, national set of standards for building safety and sustainability. It predominantly applies to newly constructed buildings. There are over one hundred individual standards, which must be taken into consideration and applied where necessary for every construction.

Working with an experienced builder and property inspector

Interpreting the BCA can be challenging however all builders, inspectors and building designers must be able to understand the requirements of the BCA and know how to apply them to ensure that every single home that they are involved in the construction of complies with the law.

Experienced professionals make it a priority to keep abreast of all details and changes as soon as they occur. It is therefore essential that the team of experts you call upon when building your home or place of business are not only qualified but abide by and understand the ins and outs of the BCA.

In Queensland, building inspection companies must be fully licensed with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) and the individual inspector undertaking the inspection must also carry a current licence specifically covering them for “ Completed Residential Building Inspection”.  Don’t be afraid to ask to view their licence on site. It is often a common practice for even a licensed building inspection company to sometimes use unqualified inspection operators on site.

Ensure that the building inspection company and individual building inspector carry adequate professional indemnity insurance to cover you in the event that the inspector was to make a mistake. It is no longer compulsory for all building inspectors to carry professional indemnity insurance. Many inspectors simply obtain an exemption to avoid the insurance premiums. We would advise you to always visually sight the building and pest inspection company’s insurance certificate when on site.

If you need further clarification on the Building Code of Australia or are seeking qualified experts to advise you when you are looking to build your home, call and have a chat to Action Property Inspections.

They are only a phone call away and are available to assist you with all of your questions. Most importantly, Action Property Inspections understand and adhere to the BCA, so you can rely on their advice.



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