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Ask the Inspector

Purchasing a home tends to inspire a myriad of home inspection questions so Action Property Inspection are offering free expert advice!
Send us your home inspection questions and you will have answers from an expert in building inspections in a timely manner. Ask the Inspector

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Don’t Risk It

Your house or unit will be your most significant lifetime investment so you need to take steps to ensure the house or unit is suitable and is sound.

Action Property Inspections will remove the risk and replace it with certainty. We will provide you with an accurate and informative pre-purchase building inspection report that will ensure […]

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The Whole Truth

An Action Property Inspection pre-purchase building report will leave you with no doubts and the peace of mind that you have made a well-informed decision with regards to your prospective purchase. We will provide you with the” The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth” at all times.

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Do I need an Inspection?

As a property buyer you need a home inspection to determine the true condition of the home you are looking to purchase. Regrettably accurately identifying a property’s state of condition is very difficult without a qualified building inspector…  Do I need an Inspection?


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What our clients say

“The whole truth and nothing but the truth……….What an understatement!!!! I was blown away with the level of service, professionalism and documentation that Action Property Inspections provided within such a tight time frame! Being a naive home buyer with absolutely NO experience in the building trade I was nurtured, informed and given outstanding advice as […]

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