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Free Floodwise Property Report

Check your property with the Free FloodWise Property Report

Do you know if the property you are about to buy is in a flood prone area?  Before you purchase a property check the FREE FloodWise Property Report. 

This report provides anticipated flood levels from river, creek, waterway and storm tide flooding and ground levels for the nominated property.

The Floodwise Property Report is provided by the Brisbane City Council.  The information contained in this report is only based on information currently available to Council and such information may not be complete.

You can also view the Brisbane flood zone map and the Ipswich flood zone map for futher information.

Contact Action Property Inspections if you are concerned your new property may be in one of Brisbane’s many suburbs susceptible to flooding.

Where to get information when it starts to flood

If you do buy in the South East Queensland, make yourself familiar with your local council’s Disaster Dashboard which contains a lot of helpful information like which areas are currently under flood threat, where to find sandbags, what to do in the case of a flood emergency and more.  In the case of a storm or flood emergency you should call State Emergency Services (SES) 132 500 or log a SES request online.

Brisbane City Council Disaster Dashboard

Ipswich City Council Disaster Dashboard

Logan City Council Disaster Dashboard



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