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What Does A Garage Inspection Cover?

Whether the home you intend to purchase has a detached garage or carport, it is essential that your building inspection includes a thorough garage inspection too. There are many aspects to the construction and functionality of a garage that may seem simple, but the keen eye of a professional inspector will ensure you are not faced with a range of unexpected repairs after you sign on the dotted line.

So what does a garage inspection cover?

Built to comply with Australian standards

It is common to find garages built in Australian backyards that have been constructed without council approval, but also are not in adherence to building regulations. It’s only when a house is due to be sold that the compliance question comes into play as it can have legal implications. An inspection will verify such facts and if it is found not to have ticked all the boxes, you could be saving yourself a lot of money required to rectify any construction issues.

There are instances too where a non-compliant garage needs to be demolished, that’s why a garage inspection is essential. Knowing the facts before you buy a home will help you make informed decisions.

Slope and drainage

Typically a garage is constructed on a concrete slab. A building inspector will examine it for cracking and distortion as well as paying attention to the slope of the allotment around the garage, particularly with a view to ensuring appropriate drainage in the event of heavy rains.

Any detection of slab moisture could be the start of spalling damage etc.

Structural sturdiness

The overall operational aspects of a garage are inspected too, to ensure it is structurally sound and safe to be used. This would include the mechanical springs on doors, the sturdiness of the frame, walls and ceiling as well as ensuring there is adequate ventilation. Petrol fumes from a running engine need to escape otherwise it can become a very dangerous hazard.

When you make the decision to organise a pre-purchase building inspection, make sure that the garage is included as well as any other outbuildings on the property. Remember, when you are about to outlay a lot of money on a home, you are going to want to know exactly what you are buying.

Rest assured that all building inspections undertaken by Action Property Inspections include a garage inspection.

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