How to get rid of rats
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Getting Rid of Rats

Tips For Getting Rid Of Rats

If you’ve heard the sound of scratching in the cupboards, or noticed food missing from the pantry, getting rid of rats might be a high priority in your home!   These uninvited houseguests don’t like to leave once they’ve found a regular food source, so you need to take control and protect your four walls from these cunning creatures.

Starve them of food and water

Chances are the rats have found their way into your home via a small crack or crevice in search of warmth and food.  Whether it is an easy to access pantry or food stored in open containers, they have sniffed out a target and are hoping to make it their new home.  By starving them of access to such foods and ensuring there are no water leaks under the kitchen sink, they will soon go elsewhere to find much-needed resources.

Essential oils – peppermint

Some people swear by the use of natural alternatives such as peppermint oil.  The challenge with using this method is that the rat may be repelled by the odour, but it may also be hard for the householders to tolerate!  To be really effective, the smell needs to be at a high level of concentration, so be sure it is a scent you can live with before you use it to chase away the rats.

Maintain a clean home

The best deterrent is a clean home.  There is no need to go overboard and panic whenever food crumbs are dropped, but ensuring a regular cleaning routine is maintained will go a long way to ensuring your home is not a place rodents want to visit.

Maintain a clean area surrounding the home

The inside of your home may be spotless but don’t forget about the garden and surrounding areas.  Clutter and rubbish can be a magnet for disease-ridden rodents who make their homes amongst the mess and only come inside for a feed.

Setting traps with bait

Setting up traps with rat poison pellets is the most commonly adopted way to get rid of rats.  Whilst most are effective after one feed, some rats are actually resistant to store-bought varieties (scary isn’t it!) which may mean you need to call in the experts in pest control.  If you have pets and children in the home, you’ll want to make sure that they cannot access these traps.  When installed by a professional, the traps or baits will be installed in the most effective vermin traffic areas and out of harms way from inquisitive children and pets.

Whilst there are many steps you can take when getting rid of rats, if you are finding the task to be a never-ending exercise, give Action Property Inspections a call.  They can answer all your queries.


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