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How Are Building And Pest Inspections Linked?

Whether you are building a brand new house or looking to buy an existing property, one of the most important things you should organise is for a building and pest inspection to be carried out. You may be wondering “How are building and pest inspections linked, and are they both essential?”  Yes, both are essential and let’s uncover why.

What is a building inspection?

An independent building inspection will give you the detailed facts about your property and will ensure that it has been built to conform to the Building Code of Australia. It will also thoroughly check that the home is safe and compliant. The inspection will be undertaken with equipment specifically designed to identify moisture and damage well hidden from the naked eye. It will also cover the external areas of the home including fences, the roof and under the home if applicable.

What is a pest inspection?

A pest inspection is undertaken with the sole intention of identifying any areas of the home, both inside and out, where there may be active termites or pests and damage to the property. For new homes, while termite damage is unlikely it is still possible and potential access areas and preventative treatments are of particular interest. If identified you will be provided with solutions to solve the issues, and most importantly help you to protect your home to prevent any further attacks. Using traditional tapping rods and specialized thermal imaging equipment etc, inspectors will be able to ascertain whether the house has current or past termite damage and provide you with photographic evidence of their findings.

Then, how are building and pest inspections linked?

Whilst a building inspector will make note of any visible termite or pest damage, a pest inspector will take the investigation a step further to analyse the hidden areas of the home where active pests could be and/or where potential access areas are present. They both work hand in hand and provide homeowners with a thorough picture of the property. A building and pest inspection report provided to you will give you piece of mind and help you make the right decision about the your property purchase. Don’t take a chance and find out too late about hidden damages when they can be avoided. Organise your building and pest inspection today.




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