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Kitchen Inspections And How They Can Save You Money

How Kitchen Inspections Can Save You Money

A full pre-purchase property inspection is not complete without a kitchen inspection. Did you know that there are many areas within a kitchen that could be home to potential disasters just waiting for you to uncover them when you least expect it? Don’t risk it. Let’s take a look at the importance of kitchen inspections and how they can actually save you money!

Stylish designs mask potential damage

It is very easy to be swayed by the look and feel of a home you have your eye on buying. Homeowners play their part very well sprucing up a kitchen with stylish décor and clutter free benches, giving you the feeling of perfection. Property inspectors leave their rose coloured glasses at the door and know exactly where to look when conducting kitchen inspections.

Kitchen bench tops

A shiny bench with a vase of bright geraniums won’t hide the damage from wear and tear or water when a professional inspector is present. They’ll quickly identify issues that may result in the bench lifting, laminate damage, cracked stone surfaces or worse still requiring an expensive replacement.

Kitchen cupboards

A fresh coat of paint or varnish will make kitchen cabinets look brand new, but are they fully functional? Do doors open and close with ease or are they warped and squeaky? Are fittings sturdy and safe or are they well overdue for an overhaul? Is there water damage cleverly hidden behind the antique plates and glassware? Nothing will get past a kitchen inspector.

Kitchen tiles

Loose and cracked tiles may not present a large outlay to repair however missing sealant or grouting may have allowed water or other substances to penetrate, which could be the start of worse things to come.

Kitchen sink and taps

Leaking taps and old pipes as well as bad water pressure can indicate significant damage and result in expensive repairs. An inspector will turn the kitchen inside out identifying areas of potential damage.

When you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, it’s vital that the area not only ticks all the right boxes with respect to space and layout, but also is fit for purpose and fully operational. A pre-purchase building inspection will save you money by giving you the truth and the cold hard facts about the condition of the kitchen. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer granite to timber or a glass splashback to tiles, it’s the condition of the benchtops, the presence, or lack, of sealant around the sink and the existence of adequate ventilation that’s going to ensure your kitchen stands the test of time and does not result in unexpected outlays.

When it comes to kitchen inspections, a small fee spent now could save you thousands down the track.

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