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Pest Inspections and 5 Pests That Can Damage Your House

5 Pests That Can Damage Your House

They are called pests for a reason! These creatures can invade your home, cause unsightly damage and leave a hole in your wallet. Pest inspections are critical and should be organised regularly to ensure you keep your house free from nasty critters. Here are five known pests that you should watch out for before they cause damage to your property.

1. Termites

Termites are arguably the most destructive household pests in Australia. In search of food, the subterranean termite can burrow through the ground, penetrating gaps around brick walls or entering concrete slabs via minute cracks. They can literally eat you out of house and home and cause significant damage to a property, sometimes to the extent where repairs are not possible and a full reconstruction is the only way out. It should also be noted your insurance policy on your house will not cover you for termite damage. Regular pest inspections will ensure termite infestations are identified early.

2. Rodents

Have you ever heard those scratching sounds in the middle of the night? Rats and mice find shelter in our homes in an effort to avoid the unsavoury outdoor conditions. You may not think these animals can cause house damage, however, first attracted by food, they can cause untold damage to our homes by chewing through wires and pipes, not to mention spreading diseases.

3. Cockroaches

Creepy crawly cockroaches are not only are unpleasant to look at but also can spread a range of diseases in and around a home. Their ability to rapidly breed makes them a pest that needs to be addressed fast before they make their way into your pantry or chew on paper products and photographs.

There are many pests commonly found in and around the home and a number of methods to address them. When dealing with bugs and creatures that can cause damage and spread disease fast, it is best to call in the experts in pest control.

4. Bed bugs

Bed bugs can very easily make their way into our homes. It does not matter how clean we are, an infestation could be living in the cracks in your walls or comfortably nestled within our furniture, bedding and clothing. Most active at night, they have tendency to bite, causing itchy irritations similar to mosquitos and can cause damage to our property resulting in the need to replace mattresses and bed sheets.

5. Silverfish

Silverfish are wingless creatures that love the dark. There are many items in a typical home that are attractive food to silverfish including books, clothing, furniture and even carpet. If left alone you could find yourself with untold damage.

Organise a regular pest inspection today and avoid the expensive outlays for repairs that these pests can cause.

You can contact Action Property Inspections with any questions you have in relation to pest inspections and the kind of pests you may find in your home.



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