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Property Inspections – A Necessity Not A Luxury

Why a Property Inspection Is a Necessity and Not a Luxury

Before you purchase a property, one of the most essential things you should organise, other than your finances, is a property inspection. An inspection can reveal crucial facts about a property that may just be the deciding factor before you sign on the dotted line. A property inspection is a necessity for a variety of reasons.

Conditional to a sale

A property inspection can be used as a contingency to the final sale going through. The details that it will deliver are so conclusive that if the professional identifies significant defects, then you have the right to walk away without penalty. This in itself proves how important such an inspection is. It really is a necessity and not a luxury.

Property inspection inclusions

It is well worth stating that not every property inspection company has the experience to conduct thorough examinations, so ensure you hire in a qualified inspector, and one that will provide a detailed written report, backed up with photos.

Every inspection can vary slightly however there are standard areas that will be assessed for safety and both major and minor defects. This sample report shows what you should expect from the qualified building inspector engaged by you.

Exterior areas of your property

  • Walls: Inspectors will report on any noticeable damage to property walls including cracks and water damage. Any pest concerns will be noted too, and where necessary, a separate pest inspection may be organised.
  • Foundation: Depending on the method of construction, the inspector will try to examine underneath the property looking for appropriate levels of ventilation, dampness and sound structure.
  • Roof: The entire roof surface will also be assessed with a view to identifying damage and potential areas where water can penetrate. Gutters will also be inspected as well as chimneys.

Interior areas of your property

  • Wet areas: All wet areas within the home are closely assessed. Taps and drains are inspected for potential leaks as well as water pressure issues. Pipes are closely looked at for any damage and the overall construction within the bathroom and kitchen is reviewed.
  • Ventilation: A property inspector will review the ventilation in and around the home, particularly in the laundry. Poorly maintained exhaust systems attached to a dryer can become a fire hazard, and excess steam can cause mold, mildew and water damage to walls and ceilings.

A property inspection is a necessity

Whilst a property inspection is not guaranteed to report on every single issue potentially wrong with a property, you can be comfortable knowing that an inspector’s expert eyes will know how to look out for clues that indicate potential problems. Depending on their findings, they may then call upon expert plumbers or electricians to provide verification.

It does not matter whether you are intending to purchase a home or a building, every property should be inspected to ensure that there are no nasty surprises lurking behind the walls or underneath the fresh coat of paint.

Seriously consider contacting Action Property Inspections to conduct a property inspection before you invest your money.



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