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Termite Treatment And How You Can Protect Your Property

What Is Termite Treatment?

It is best to call in the experts when looking at termite treatment options. Also known as white ants because of their pale colour, termites silently hide away and can thrive in your home without you even noticing until it is too late. Feeding on dead plants and wood, they can build elaborate tunnels and cause costly damage to property. Knowing where to look and how to identify their location is really something the experts in pest control can do most effectively.

How to discourage termites

There are a number of tactics that homeowners can use to discourage termites from the start. A few basic actions can help prevent them from making a home in your building and costing you a fortune in potential damage.

Set up physical barriers

Because termites are attracted to timber, making an effort to clear away wood from the perimeter of the home and ensuring that there is no refuse stored under the house will go a long way to keeping them at bay. They love humid conditions. Ensuring there is good ventilation under the floor, adequate drainage around the foundations and no leaking pipes will keep the area dry.

Regular inspections

Arranging an annual, and in some situations, bi-annual inspections is the best way to control termites before they do any damage. Regular inspections will help to get on top of any termite activity or nests if they are spotted. Early action ensures reduced damage. If termites are found and termite treatment is necessary, the experts can apply the appropriate chemicals. Homeowners can then play their part to keep an eye out for further activity as directed by the professionals over the subsequent months.

Common termite treatments

There are a few main types of treatments used to eliminate termites. Barrier treatments are applied under and around the house in the soil forming a wall between termites and your foundations. Chemical dust can be applied strategically to kill off some localized activity. The aim is for termites to ideally carry the pesticides back to the nest, spreading it to the colony and effectively eliminating it. There are also baiting systems, which can be positioned around the home. Homeowners can purchase these, however a professional pest controller is better suited to installing and monitoring the bait boxes.

Whilst there are a few actions you can do yourself to reduce the chance of termites invading your property, it really should be left up to the experts to treat their nests and eliminate them for good. Use of professional tools and knowledge goes a long way to keeping your home safe. Chat to the experts from Action Property Inspections if you have any concerns. Don’t risk your home and let the termites take control! A suitable termite treatment is just a phone call away.



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