Winged termite swarm in Brisbane's south
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Vermin Common In Brisbane

When you think of vermin you usually think of mice or cockroaches, watch the video to see what else we encounter during building inspections in the Brisbane area.

Being in a subtropical climate, Brisbane properties can be effected by many different kinds of pests.  Some are relatively harmless in small numbers and some more destructive than others.

It is not uncommon for Brisbane properties to be inhabited by fleas, ticks, a variety of spiders, reptiles such as snakes, possums, bats, rats, bees and wasps, ants and termites.  A few of these pests can simply become a nuisance once they have obtained access to your property, others can pose a health risk to the residents of a property and some pests (such as termites and possums) can cause significant damage and expense for the homeowner.

When buying a property it is essential to have comprehensive pre-purchase building and pest inspections undertaken to ensure you have a thorough picture of the purchase you are making.  Good homeowners will have their property regularly inspected and treated by a suitably qualified pest control company.  As a purchaser you will be unaware of how diligent the vendor has been in maintaining and protecting their property against the intrusion of vermin and pests.

A qualified pest inspector will determine if there is any past or current termite, borer or pest activity, what treatments have previously been applied and what can be done to ensure there is no further pest intrusion.  If there is any termite or pest activity found, or history of it, a building inspector can then review the damage to the property and determine what action is required.

It is essential that separate people, each licensed accordingly, undertake each inspection. A building inspection is completely different from a pest inspection.

Book a pre-purchase building inspection Action Property Inspections and be confident that you are aware of any damage that may have been caused by vermin accessing the property you may be about to purchase and the potential cost of remedying the damage.


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