Building Certifier VS Surveyor VS Building Inspector - What's the Difference?
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Certifier VS Surveyor VS Building Inspector – What’s the Difference?

You might find yourself needing the advice or expertise of a professional within the building industry – but how do you know which one is the correct one for your job? Here are the main differences between Building Certifiers, Surveyors and Building Inspectors.

What is a Building Inspector?

A Building Inspector is a certified builder, who is qualified to inspect either residential or commercial buildings or both. A fully qualified Building Inspector in Queensland must hold a low rise builder’s licence with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission and must have held this for a minimum of five years. Building Inspectors make professional judgement on whether a building or structure meets building codes, and they prepare thorough building inspection reports – particularly during the sale of a property, revealing any defects or existing damage that might need addressing in the future. 

What is a Building Certifier?

Building Certifiers inspect building projects before, during and after the building process to ensure that it has been built to industry standard and is compliant with the building plans. A building certifier is always an independent builder to the one that is completing the project to ensure they are acting in public interest, and not personal interest. 

What is a Surveyor?

A property survey is a detailed report of a property’s condition. Surveyors inspect properties and create reports detailing structural aspects of the property, such as the stability of walls or the roof. Or if there is a chimney present, they will inspect the chimney chute. Surveyors look for issues such as rising damp or mould. Surveyors guide construction and development projects and can provide information that is required for the purchase or sale of a property. Land surveyors measure distances, directions and angles and determine location features that can impact when building such as road placement, bodies of water, easements, sewerage lines and other information affecting property. 

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