What's at risk if you don't get a building and pest inspection in Brisbane
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Building Inspector – The Dangers of Not Hiring One

The Dangers Of Not Engaging A Building Inspector

It does not matter how reputable a builder is or how many times you’re told you don’t need to get a second opinion, the truth is that engaging a building inspector to undertake a property inspection should be one of the highest priorities for any home buyer.

When you fall in love with your potential new home and become emotionally attached, your excitement can get in the way of common sense. Not having an inspection can be risky. Let’s see why.

Limited knowledge

When you employ a qualified building inspector to visit a property and undertake a review, you can be comfortable knowing that they know exactly what to look for. A typical homebuyer has limited knowledge and an untrained eye and may miss some crucial aspects of the home that could end up being a costly fault.

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No one wants to buy a potentially dangerous property or one that has pests lurking behind the scenes. What may look solid and sound may be crumbling away behind the façade!

Non compliance

All inspections should ensure that homes are built to comply with Australian Building Standards. For example, your building inspector can check that a property is legally wired and has no illegal extensions. Plumbing also tends to be an area that can be ignored. It is common for inspectors to detect pipe damage, use of old or outdated materials, as well as leaks during a thorough building inspection and most of these aspects may well be missed or ignored unless an independent review is undertaken.

Thorough property analysis

Not only will engaging a building inspector ensure a building inspection review of the inside of the home including the floors, walls and all wet areas, but also the garage, fences, roof, chimney and even the slope of the property to ensure that the home is built safely.

The dangers of not having a building inspection could be serious and could expose you to some significant faults that may cost a lot of money to fix.

Spend the money early and save yourself a lot of potential problems in the long run.

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