Buying a House Over The Christmas Period
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Buying a House Over the Christmas Period? Here’s Your Checklist!

Here’s Your Checklist for Buying a House Over the Christmas Period

Many put off selling or buying a house over the Christmas period because they are either too busy with the festive season itself or are simply way more excited about packing up the car and heading to the beach with the family. However, it could just be the opportune time to grab a bargain. 

Yes! Whilst there may be fewer properties on the market, chances are you’ll also be one of only a handful of bidders, too. And you know what they say about less competition; this could be your opportunity to negotiate a sweet ‘festive’ price. You might even look to make an offer prior to auction – and if you’ve got your finances in order and are ready to go, you could also have the upper hand with locking in a shorter settlement date.  

So if you’ve got your eye on your dream home or an investment property, here’s your must-read checklist to buying property fast. 

Contact your local agent

Make sure you’ve touched base with agents in your desired area well ahead of time so they know you are in the market to buy. Do your research so you have a good understanding of what houses are going for. 

Get your finances in order

It’s always important to have your bank and/or broker ready for when that all important deposit is to be handed over. Many have reduced hours of operation during this time period. Don’t leave this one too late. 

Be prepared for change

We all know COVID has changed how we live; it’s also changed how properties are inspected and purchased. Some homes can only be viewed virtually whilst others require you to schedule a short 10-minute booking. You may even be asked to attend an online auction depending on where you live. So, to avoid last minute panic, ensure you’ve got your registration complete and know the ins and outs of the process. 

Book a pre-purchase property inspection

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and be eager to snap up a great deal, but before you do, make sure you organise a building and pest inspection with Action Property Inspections before you commit. It could save you thousands. 

With mortgage rates at ridiculously low levels and COVID restrictions starting to lift across Australia, now could be the perfect time to enter the property market, buy a house over the Christmas period and start the New Year off on a fresh positive note. 

Thinking of buying property during the festive season?
Contact Action Property Inspections to book your pre-purchase inspection.


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