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What A Pretty Facade May Be Hiding

A nicely manicured garden and fresh coat of paint may make the exterior of a home look inviting, however what the pretty façade could be in fact hiding will only be uncovered via a house inspection. An exterior house inspection will very quickly uncover the faults that may not be readily apparent to an unqualified inspector.

Australian building standards

One of the first aspects to an exterior building inspection is to verify that all extensions to the home have the appropriate council approval and meet with the Australian building regulations. Failure to comply with all standards may render any additions to a home illegal and may need to be demolished or repaired at your expense.

Exterior roof

Whilst the roof will be checked for cracked tiles and missing mortar, the gutters and downpipes will also be examined for corrosion and to ensure they are clear and that water can flow away from the home to the appropriate drain. Chimneys are also inspected for structural concerns and appropriate flashings.

External walls

A fresh coat of paint may bring a house back to life, however it won’t completely conceal signs of decay or hide walls that are misaligned or built with inadequate ventilation. Remember, too, that even though a separate pest inspection should be organised, an external property building inspection will look for signs of termites or possible entry points that need to be addressed.

Stairs and decking

Whilst outside a home, the verandah or deck as well as stairs and handrails are thoroughly inspected. Everything from the sturdiness of the structure to cosmetic and safety aspects are examined. Loose boards, any signs of decay damage as well as building compliance is assessed.

Drainage and slope

The property will be inspected for leaking plumbing where possible, inappropriately installed or faulty water tanks as well as areas of the garden that may be susceptible to water ponding.  Poor allotment drainage may lead to wall cracking and subsidence issues.

Arranging your exterior house inspection

A pretty façade may in fact be hiding a number of concerns that can and will only be identified once you call in a professional building inspector. Failing to organise a pre-purchase inspection could result in expensive outlays to repair issues. Don’t be fooled by the look of a house. One that may appear as though it needs a bit of attention may actually be structurally sound and a perfect buy. Only the experts in building inspections will give you an unbiased report on the facts.

Contact Action Property Inspections today to organise an exterior house inspection on a property you are intending to buy. It is money well worth spending.


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