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Home Extensions – The Essential Renovation Checklist

Your Essential Home Extension Checklist

Making the decision to undertake renovations or home extensions can be daunting so it is important to follow a pre-defined checklist which can help ensure you tick all the boxes and avoid overlooking some critical elements. This home extension checklist will get you off on the right foot with your renovation projects.


Contact your local council to ensure you have the appropriate permits and approvals to commence building. It is essential that there are no legal issues, neighbour complaints or other concerns to address.


Don’t settle on the first quote you receive. Try to get at least three written quotes on your intended plans and specifications and, where they differ, pay close attention to ensure you are not overlooking something critical.


It is essential that the builder you contract is registered, insured and qualified to perform the work you require. Seek legal advice if necessary when reviewing contracts too, so that you are comfortable that you understand everything documented.


Ensure your home and contents insurance policy is extended if necessary to cover your home extensions and renovations and an appropriate valuation is considered.

Home Extensions and Property Inspections

Building inspections are not limited to the purchase of property. In fact you’d be wise to organise a professional inspection company to conduct a completion or defect report once your home renovation has completed or at least a few months before the contract end date.

A thorough home extension inspection will check that all work has been completed to the required Australian Building Standards and there are no areas incomplete. Inspection findings can be handed to the contracted building company to rectify any noted defects.

Inspections are also common prior to the commencement of works to assess the existing condition of your property and report any areas that may require attention before home extensions commence.

There is so much to think about when undertaking a house extension. Make sure you do your homework, seek advice from the professionals and when in doubt seek an independent inspection from a suitably qualified building inspection company such as Action Property Inspections to ensure everything is being performed as it should be.


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