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House Inspection Services: It’s not all about pests and cracks

House Inspection Services: What A Quality Inspection Looks Like

House inspection services should cover a range of issues that go far beyond a quick check for termites or a cursory glance at interior walls for any signs of cracking.  This sample report gives you an indication of what you should expect to receive from any good quality house inspection service.

If you are in Brisbane, the team at Action Property Inspections offers a comprehensive service, allowing you to complete a house purchase with total confidence… or drop the deal if the property turns out to have major issues. Either way you are the winner!

Here’s a brief overview of what quality house inspection services can offer you.

Allotment inspection

Before an inspector looks at the house itself, the whole property needs to be examined for deterioration of paths, driveways, paving, fences and retaining walls. Free standing structures like sheds and cubby houses also need to be checked for damage and integrity.

The exterior inspection

The exterior of the house requires thorough analysis. There is a huge difference between a house that just appears deteriorated and one that is actually structurally unsound. An inspector will look for problems in areas like: water damage and subsidence (which might reveal stresses or structural problems), gable structure and eaves, external stairs, verandas, stumps and downpipes etc. All external surfaces will be checked for signs of underlying issues.

Decking inspection

A deck inspection is very important as decay, inadequate bracing, and incorrect construction can all compromise safety. There have been several tragic cases in Brisbane and Australia generally where decks have collapsed resulting in death and serious injury. You don’t want your house-warming party to feature on the news when a veranda full of people collapses!

Roof inspection – interior and exterior

A roof inspection can prove to be a daunting task, with some inspection companies adopting the policy that a building inspector should not access a roof higher than 3.6 meters. Inspectors should look at roof cladding, gutters and any TV antennae etc, where it is safe to do so.

Interior roofing inspections need to be performed with care, as an amateur may damage the ceiling or light fittings etc.  One false step can put you through the ceiling! The inspector will check the interior roof structure and ceiling linings for damage, any installation issues, compliance with the building code and anything else that could impact on the roof’s ability to protect the home and structural integrity of the house.

Chimney inspection

Quality house inspection services will include a chimney inspection. Cracking in the chimney is a significant safety fault that can actually lead to a fire, so it is vital that it is included in the exterior inspection. The inspector can also recommend chimney cleaning and maintenance options for safety and structural integrity.

Garage inspection

Whether your garage is free standing or incorporated into the house structure, a garage inspection is a must. The inspector will look for moisture penetration and drainage problems as these can result in slab damage.

The interior inspection

A thorough analysis of the living areas starts with the interior of your prospective property, where you will spend most of your time. Amongst the areas covered by a complete inspection should be internal linings, paint finishes, brickwork, timber flooring, carpets, vinyl and floor tiles, doors, windows, stairs, ceiling fans, fly screens and fireplaces.

Bathroom, toilet and shower inspections

Bathrooms, toilets and showers are notorious problem areas. They are known for leakages which can cause serious damage such as corrosion, decay, and moisture penetration. Leaking or cracked toilets also raise health concerns so be sure your house inspection service takes a close look at wet areas.

Termite and pest inspection

Termite and pest inspections are vital when looking to purchase a new home as these creatures can cause immeasurable damage to the structure of a home. Inspectors will evaluate the termite barriers from a building inspection perspective noting any infestations, or breached and incorrectly installed termite barriers.

Take a look at this amusing video of some of the less common pests found during home inspections (including snakes in the roof!).

A full building inspection service equals peace of mind

Can you tell if squeaky flooring is part of the natural wear to be expected in an older wooden building, or the symptom of a severe underlying issue? Don’t leave it to chance! Use comprehensive house inspection services to find out exactly what you are buying.




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