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Five Suburbs That Worry Your Brisbane Building and Pest Inspector

Planning to buy or build in Brisbane?  It pays to do your research.  There are a few key suburbs that will have your building and pest inspector worried.

The Suburbs That Worry Your Brisbane Building and Pest Inspector

From flood-affected areas to pest hot-spots and houses built on reclaimed land, Brisbane has its fair share of problem areas to keep your building and pest inspector on their toes.

A pre-purchase building and pest inspection is essential for anyone buying in Brisbane, especially if you plan to buy in one of the five areas that have building and pest inspectors on high alert.

Flood-affected Brisbane suburbs

The effects of wild weather and flooding can be devastating for home owners. If you have your heart set on a property in one of Brisbane’s flood-affected areas, be sure to lock in a building and pest inspector to thoroughly inspect your potential buy.

The property may look good at first, but you never know what issues are hidden below the surface of flood-damaged homes. Only a qualified building and pest inspector with experience in inspecting homes in flood areas knows exactly what to look for and where.

Flood waters can severely damage the foundations and structure of houses, weakening and warping joists, bearers and framing. Flooding can cause floors to move, shrink and become uneven and can leave ceilings and walls with water stains, mould and peeling or bubbling paint. Not even insulation can escape damage from flood waters.

Even if your potential new property has been renovated, it is highly recommended you organise a building and pest inspection to ensure all previously damaged areas have been properly repaired and to Australian codes and standards.

Flood waters can wreak havoc on electrical networks and plumbing. Only a qualified building and pest inspector knows what to look for in flood-damaged homes to give you the peace of mind you need when purchasing a property.

When the Brisbane River burst its banks in 2011, few suburbs were left untouched. Those among the worst-affected were the flood zone suburbs of Rocklea, St Lucia, Graceville, West End and Fairfield.

Rocklea, in particular, suffered devastating damage. Sharing its border with Oxley Creek, Stable Swamp Creek and Rocky Waterholes Creek, Rocklea is at continued risk of localised flooding. Rocklea has undergone a revamp since the 2011 floods, proving to be a good value suburb to invest in.

If Rocklea, or any of Brisbane’s flood-affected suburbs are on your radar, ensure you lock in a building and pest inspector to provide a detailed inspection report of the property, outlining any damage that may exist.

If you’re not sure which Brisbane suburbs are a flood risk, take a look at the Brisbane City Council’s Flood Awareness Map.

Brisbane suburbs prone to pests

South-East Queensland’s hot summers and mild winters, coupled with regular rainfall, make it the perfect place for termites and pests to thrive.

Are you searching for a forever home in one of Brisbane’s leafy suburbs? Perhaps you’ve got St Lucia, Bardon, Albion or Chermside in your sights. Would you prefer a property backing onto bushland or national park like The Gap, Tarragindi or Mt Cotton?

While these areas offer an attractive lifestyle close to nature, be warned that Brisbane’s leafy areas and those surrounded by bushland are prone to pest problems. Pay careful attention to pre-war and character homes in these suburbs that may not have received the level of pest protection that they should have.

Action Property Inspections works with, and can recommend, trusted pest inspectors that are familiar with high-risk areas for pests. These inspectors will conduct a thorough examination of the property and surrounding areas and advise you on any existing damage. They will also advise what you need to do to prevent termites and other pests setting up camp in your home in the future.

Brisbane’s older suburbs

Pre-war homes, California-inspired bungalows, ‘Old Queenslanders’ and other character homes are dotted throughout Brisbane’s suburbs.

While many of these homes have been renovated, you should still invest in a building and pest inspector to ensure they are structurally sound and pest-free.

Timber and tin character homes are prevalent in suburbs such as Ashgrove, Toowong and Nundah, while Spring Hill and inner-city suburbs are plentiful with traditional workers’ cottages.

A qualified and experienced building inspector with an intimate knowledge of these suburbs can provide a detailed inspection and give you peace of mind with the property you plan to buy, or bargaining power if issues are uncovered.

Brisbane suburbs with high rental occupancy

Whether you’re buying your dream home or an investment property, choosing the right suburb is essential. Some suburbs in Brisbane have a large proportion of rental and ex-rental properties.

Purchasing an ex-rental property doesn’t have to be a drama. If you’re purchasing a property that has had long-term tenants that treated it like their own home, you shouldn’t have as much to worry about as those in areas with high rental turnovers. Suburbs such as Toowong, Nathan and Mt Gravatt, which are close to Brisbane’s universities, experience high traffic and short-term student tenants.

Play your cards right and book a pre-purchase property inspection to unveil the true condition of the home you plan to purchase. This will help inform you how much work needs to be done to get it ready for new tenants, or for you to move in.

Brisbane suburbs on reclaimed land

Properties on reclaimed land are those built on land that has been ‘reclaimed’ from lakes, riverbeds and quarries. The land is filled to create space for houses, buildings and recreational areas.

Issues can arise from reclaimed land depending on the quality of fill. A poorly filled site can result in subsidence as it breaks down and decomposes. This in turn can cause structural damage to your home.

During the purchasing process, a soil test is highly recommended to indicate whether or not the land your property is built on is in good condition or raises issues. The last thing you want is to run into structural issues down the track after you buy.

Action Property inspections will give your property a thorough inspection inside and out to ensure it has not been affected from its placement on reclaimed land. An experienced building and pest inspector from our expert team knows exactly what to look for and how to action the appropriate searches.

Planning to buy in Brisbane? Book a building and pest inspector with Action Property Inspections today.


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