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Will My House Pass Or Fail A Building Inspection?

A house will neither PASS or FAIL the building inspection.

In terms of the report you receive from us, a property will not pass or fail the building inspection. Rather, the purpose of a building inspection is to undertake a comprehensive inspection of your property and provide a detailed report for your consideration.  All visible components of the house are evaluated to determine whether they are in a sound condition or require repair or replacement. Specialised equipment may also used to assist inspection of those areas where access is limited, for example helping to identify moisture penetration in the property.

What does the building inspection report tell me?

Where faults are detected, those faults are documented and prioritized depending on the severity of the faults and costs involved in their repair. 

In conjunction with the results of the building inspection, consideration should also be given to other factors such as market value and building/council searches. Depending on the terms of your contract, you may be in a position to renegotiate with the vendor, or terminate a contract entirely, should significant faults be found at the inspection.

The results of an independent building inspection will help you make an informed decision about your prospective property purchase.

View a sample an Action Property Inspections building inspection report here.



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