Ask yourself, “Should Someone Inspect My Home Before I Put It Up For Sale?” Sounds standard, right? You’d be surprised.
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Inspect My Home: Should Someone Take A Look Before I Put It On The Market?



Putting your home on the market can be a period in time that’s fraught with anxiety and tension. This is the time where you open up your home, the place you’ve raised your children and built a life, and nervously wait to see what the market thinks of it. You’re packing up old memories and looking forward to a bright future, a sea-change or something altogether different. You’re jumping through so many different hoops and turning yourself inside out trying to get it all done, when suddenly you get a strange request from your sale agent.

Some real estate agents may be suggesting to you that you should get something called a pre-sale inspection done. This inspection of your home will apparently highlight any areas that you need to fix up ahead of a sale. They stress the importance of going through with this and how it’ll save you in the long run, be it in time or in money. They’re absolutely adamant that you need to have this done, so much so that you feel yourself starting to agree before you’ve even have the chance to sit down and have a think about it.

But have you stopped and thought – why? Why would someone recommend this extra step when the process is already logically laid out for you?

Who really benefits?

Everyone knows that to get a pest and building inspection done before you BUY a property is a good idea. It’s just common sense. You need to know what you’re buying and you need a professional on the ground and in your ear telling you exactly what you’re getting into. It’s a necessary step to protect your investment and can save so many headaches for buyers in the long run.

But a pre-sale inspection isn’t necessary nor does it make good sense for sellers. It’s basic, generic reporting that is unlikely to make a difference to the sale of your home. So who does it benefit, apart from the people pocketing the money for carrying out the process? It has to have you questioning – why?

How much detail could there possibly be in a pre-sale inspection report?

For the most part, these pre-sale inspection reports aren’t really worth the paper they’re written on. You’re going to get a vague, dot-point list of a few areas of concern but you’re not going to see anything like what you’d see with a pre-purchase inspection.

And what are you going to do with that information anyway? Are you going to resolve all of those perceived faults prior to putting your home up for sale? Are you going to pull it off the market until each and every recommendation has been seen to?

Or are you going to do what everyone else does and put it up for sale, knowing that the buyers will arrange a pre-purchase inspection report that everyone can look at together?

Why take the extra steps? Why spend the extra money? If there are elements that need attention in your home – some cracks in walls, some suspicious looking panels, some evidence of pest damage – then let them be found by a reputable, independent inspector who has everyone’s best interests in mind.

Beware the bias!

Real estate agents sometimes partner with businesses who offer to ‘inspect my home’ prior to putting it up for sale. It’s possible that there may be something slightly untoward about the relationship between agent and inspector.

For example – is the agent getting kickbacks from recommending sellers to the inspector? There’s no way of knowing (and it’s unlikely you’ll be told) but the possibility is something to consider. It’s difficult to trust a report recommended by someone who makes a commission for doing so.

What you want is someone independent – a reliable, authoritative voice on the subject of building and pest inspections that you can trust. Someone who’s been around and who knows the ins and outs of the industry. Someone unlikely to be swayed by shiny dollar signs but who has a firm grasp on the truth. You need someone in your corner. You need a professional. You need Action.

Action Inspections are independent of real estate agencies

Action Inspections have been in operation in South-East Queensland for more than twenty-five years. They’re proudly independent and can hand-on-heart guarantee that they’re not being swayed by anyone or anything. Not for love or money.

It’s important to stand behind your brand and to know that you’re authentic, hard-working and trustworthy. These are the values of Action Inspections and they have been right from the start.

Proudly despised by more Brisbane real estate agents than anyone else!

Why? Because we do the right thing and we back our clients! Our expert advice might help you re-negotiate your purchase price – one of our customers got $45K BACK because of what we had to say!

There’s a reason real estate agents don’t like us. We tell the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. We don’t alter our report depending on who’s paying for it. It’s important to us that YOU have all the information you need so you can make the best decision for your future and your family. We couldn’t care less about whether or not the real estate agents like us – we’re here for you.

Know your rights as a seller!

Feeling strange about people inspecting the home you’ve got up for sale? You can read some more great advice here.

Confused about who should ‘inspect my home’? Get a straight answer from professionals you can trust. Contact Action Property Inspections today!

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