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Making the decision to organise pre-purchase building and pest inspections can be difficult, especially when finances are already being highly scrutinized. What is important to be aware of, however, is that a relatively small outlay before you agree to sign on the dotted line and purchase property could very well save you thousands of dollars, if not years of turmoil and trouble. It goes without saying, then, that the importance of hiring a professional to perform each of these inspections individually and independently is key.

Action Property Inspections partners with the best in the business, ensuring your money is well spent and the depth of inspection reports you receive include all the necessary finer details, giving you the confidence that no stone has been left unturned.

Why do you need to organise a pre-purchase property inspection?

An unbiased, independent building inspection conducted prior to purchasing a property works as a safety net for you and your money. Protecting your asset and ensuring safety for those who will reside in the home, the inspection is designed to gather the cold hard facts about the condition of a house. You are then in possession of a detailed report outlining minor and major issues found in and around the property.

Depending on your intentions, such a list may not be a determining factor in the decision-making process, however it can work in your favour as a bargaining tool when it comes to agreeing on the final price. It could also be the red flag you need giving you the confidence to walk away before you end up in all sorts of trouble down the track.

The pre-purchase building inspections performed by Action Property Inspections are thorough and cover areas of a house often overlooked. Not only are common building defects such as the presence of rising damp, cracked walls or safety hazards noted but the report presented to you at the completion of the inspection, prepared in layman’s terms, will give you details of expected financial outlays needed to repair or address faults found, as well as their urgency.

Never forget that it is not uncommon for a homeowner, or builder for that matter, to cover up any untoward looking areas of a home prior to an open for inspection, or jazz up the décor to disguise problems. This is why it is so important that an expert building inspector is hired to perform this role exclusively.

Why do you need to organise a pre-purchase pest inspection?

Unlike a property inspection, a termite and pest inspection aims to identify the presence of, or potential damage that can be caused by, nasty pests.

A qualified inspector will view all areas of the home that are accessible and report on any current termite or pest activity, including capturing evidence of past activity. Their trained eye will be able to notice traces of any previous treatments that may have been applied to the home as well as damage and the severity of the impact pests may have caused.

Using tapping sticks and thermal imaging and cameras, they will report on all finds as well as recommend techniques to address areas of concern. You’ll find that such an inspection will give you peace of mind that your home is structurally sound and allow you to work to prevent any future unwanted visitors.

Why should a building and pest inspection be undertaken independently?

Even though there are some aspects of these inspections that can and do overlap, particularly in respect to the areas of the home that are reported on, it is critical that the inspections be undertaken separately and by experts in their own fields.

Whilst a pre-purchase building inspector will no doubt be witness to significant damage made by pests or termites, the inspector will not be specifically looking for further evidence, potential entry points or active pests that may be alive and hidden in the wall cavities. In contrast, a pest inspector will most certainly notice a cracked wall or damp surrounds whilst reviewing the perimeter of a home, but will not be looking out for missing capping on a chimney or necessarily know the ins and outs of building compliance.

Calling in an independent expert to conduct separate pre-purchase building and pest inspections is not only essential but should be seriously considered as part of your budget when seeking to buy property. ‘Buyer beware’ has never been so important. Knowing before you sign the contract, details about the actual and potential risks of your prospective dream home are critical. These services should form part of your home purchase budget; without them, you risk buying a home that may be hiding serious structural defects.

Action Property Inspections are experienced, reputable and reliable when it comes to undertaking a thorough pre-purchase inspection of the home you are seeking to buy. Experts in their field, they understand the importance of partnering with like-minded professionals. The team can recommend several independent, highly qualified, and reputable pest inspectors to conduct the pest inspection for you.

Knowing that neither service is being compromised, you can be guaranteed that at the completion of the inspection, you will be in possession of two extremely detailed reports and photographs which will give you the cold hard facts about your intended purchase at that point in time. Armed with this information, you can choose to bargain the price down, walk away or enter into negotiations knowing your dream home is as sturdy as it looks.

Trust the team at Action Property Inspections to perform a pre-purchase building inspection independently on your behalf and put you in touch with a reputable termite and pest inspection business.

Don’t risk it! A pre-property inspection is a must and seeking experts in their own fields to perform each service is essential.

Give Action Property Inspections a call and organise your pre-purchase building and pest inspections today.


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