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Pre Purchase Building Inspections by Action Property Inspections Brisbane

How Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Can Save You Money

When you are about to purchase a property that may become your largest financial investment to date, it may seem daunting to have to pay extra for pre purchase building inspections to be carried out. What you may not realise is that the relatively small outlay to hire a qualified and licensed building inspector to give the property a thorough once-over, may actually save you a lot of money in the long run.

Financial bargaining power

pre-purchase building inspection report provides you peace of mind that the property you are looking to buy is as sound an investment as it appears to be. Should the report come back to you with a number of concerns, and you are still keen to go ahead with the purchase, this report will give you a lot of financial bargaining power. The results can help you negotiate with the agent or owners and may end up seeing a more favourable price be agreed to.  Our sample report will give you an indication of the level of detail you should expect to receive from the building inspector you engage.

Safety is paramount

Unless you are buying a property with a view to knocking it down, you’re going to want to be confident that the home is structurally sound and safe for you and your loved ones to live in. Pre purchase inspection reports will identify any concerns with the walls, roof and foundations etc, which could cost you a lot of money to repair. A fresh coat of paint may hide potential cracks from you, however a professionally trained inspector won’t fall for those clever tricks.

Irregular extensions

It is very common for homeowners to renovate their houses over time as families expand and needs change. It’s also very possible then that extra rooms, verandahs or garages have not been build according to council regulations. Unless an extension has been completed according to the Building Code of Australia and mandatory Building Standards, it’s possible that law may require you to demolish it or outlay large sums of money to undo irregular workmanship. You’d never know just by looking at a home whether it’s all above board. A building inspector knows.

Uninvited pests cause silent damage

During pre purchase building inspections, a pest inspector will be able to pin point areas where there may be evidence of the presence of pests. A qualified pest inspector will be able to quantify and pest damage and outline what to do in the report presented to you. Termites and other common pests can live silently within the walls of a home for years. The costs could be extraordinary and may require your home to be demolished.

Hidden water damage

Rising damp and other moisture issues can mean serious damage. Pre purchase building inspections cover all aspects of the home where water is used including the kitchen and bathroom and will keep a close eye out for even the smallest sign of moisture concerns. Water pressure and the operation of taps will be checked.  Allotment drainage and surface water run off will also be examined.

Don’t be afraid at the thought of outlaying money for a pre purchase building inspection. If the report comes back clear then you can be confident that your investment will be a sound one. But if it comes back with concerns, then at least you are primed with the true facts and can make a decision about whether or not to go ahead with the purchase.

It’s a small price to pay for an independent opinion. Don’t you agree?

Organise a pre purchase building inspection today with Action Property Inspections, with an online booking or free call 1800 642 465.



About Andrew Mackintosh

Andrew Mackintosh has been answering home inspection questions in the greater Brisbane area since 1995. He has personally carried out over 20,000 building inspections and is a licensed builder and licensed building inspector, Member of Queensland Master Builders Association & Institute of Building Consultants. Being the business owner and the inspector, Andrew is passionate about providing clients with excellent customer service, value for money, honest, unbiased, thorough inspection and reporting in a professional and timely manner to allow clients to make informed decisions when purchasing property.

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