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What To Do If Your Building Inspection Reveals Property Faults

The Building Inspection Reveals Property Faults – What Happens Now?

Don’t be disheartened by a report full of faults

Do you have your eye on a Brisbane property that meets your exact dream criteria but the local Brisbane building inspection company has provided a report that has essentially “failed” the property in a variety of areas? Whilst the news may be disheartening at first, don’t give up straight away. Here’s what you should do next.

Analyse the severity of the report

A thorough building inspection will provide you with a jargon-free report outlining the issues identified with the property in question. Our sample report will give you an idea of the detail you should expect to see in a report. You’ll be presented with an indication of issues found, photographs taken as evidence as well as an opinion on how severe the faults are along with guidance on when the faults should be repaired so as you can plan your future maintenance.  Armed with all of the facts, it’s time to analyse the results and determine your next move.

Determine the severity of repairs needed

A building inspection report will typically breakdown the areas of concern with some degree of severity so that a prospective homebuyer can ascertain just how much structural or surface damage has been found. The report may include a long list of issues, however they may be relatively simple to address. Small incidentals such as blown light bulbs or a dripping tap may be easily rectified by the current owners and are, therefore, nothing to worry about.

Renegotiate or Walk Away?

Where damage is major and can potentially result in expensive outlays, a good Brisbane building inspection company will guide you as to how to overcome these issues eg. do you significantly re-negotiate the price of the house or do you walk away and get your deposit back and look for another property.

Are You A Keen Renovator?

You may be a keen renovator and happily look out for run down homes in need of a good overhaul. Whilst you will be fully aware that the property needs more than a fresh coat of paint, a professional building inspector will provide you an independent view of what may lay ahead should you still wish to proceed with the purchase.

A local Brisbane building inspection will save you in the long run

Some Brisbane building inspection companies, like Action Property Inspections, will go above and beyond and provide not only a view of the faults identified, but an idea of the required repairs, potential costs, plus timeframes in which they can be carried out.

So remember, when your building inspection report comes back with noticeable concerns, don’t run straight away. There may be an easily resolvable solution and your dream home could still very much become a reality.

Book your pre purchase building inspection today with Action Property Inspections, your local Brisbane building inspection specialists.


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