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Should I Trust A Report Supplied By The Vendor?

As a purchaser, you should never trust a building inspection report provided by the vendor or the real estate agent.

An inspection report provided by the vendor or real estate agent has been commissioned by, and paid for by, a party whose interests are in conflict with your own.

The purpose of a Vendor’s Pre-Sale Building Inspection Report

A report supplied by a vendor is commonly known as a Pre-Sale Building Inspection report.

In most cases, the vendor obviously wants a Building Inspector to provide them with a report that highlights very few, if any, faults of significance whilst undertaking the inspection for the least amount of cost outlay.  The vendor is not acting in the purchaser’s best financial interests when they obtain a Pre-Sale Building Inspection Report.

In fact, in most cases the Pre-Sale Building Inspection is undertaken in an attempt to prevent a potential house purchaser from obtaining their own more detailed Pre-Purchase Building Inspection.  It is a sad indictment of our industry that many Building Inspection companies are quite happy to provide watered-down, vague and misleading reports to accommodate the requirements of a vendor or real estate agent, simply to obtain an inspection fee.

You should consider the fact that, by the time you receive a copy of the Pre-Sale Building Inspection Report, further deterioration and neglect may have occurred and would not subsequently be represented in the report.

Obtain your own independent Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report

In order to protect your interests as a purchaser, you should obtain a completely independent Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report.

Never rely on a report provided by the vendor or real estate agent.  Because a Pre-Sale Building Inspection report is prepared at the request of the vendor, you will have little or no recourse against the Building Inspector who undertook the Pre-Sale Building Inspection should you find faults when taking possession of the property, as this report was commissioned in the name of the vendor and not the purchaser.

By all means thoroughly read the Pre-Sale Building Inspection Report if it is presented to you, however, ALWAYS source your own Pre-Purchase Building Inspection, ensuring it is independent from both vendor and real estate agent.

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