Why Delaying Your Pre-Purchase Inspection Is SO Risky

pre-purchase inspection

Excited about the impending purchase of your new home? Don’t let failing to arrange a pre-purchase inspection spoil everything! Delaying your home inspection is a risk you don’t need to take. Here’s why!

Arrange a pre-purchase inspection as soon as possible

Buying a new house is like living in a whirlwind. There’s the drama of the auction or bid, the anxiety of waiting to hear back, and the sheer exhilaration when your offer has been accepted.

After the champagne has popped and you’ve rung the relatives, you need to arrange a pre-purchase inspection as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to find out that the dream home you’ve been so thrilled about is actually a nightmare on Elm Street!

Choose early and wisely for your pre-purchase inspection

This is your home; your dream. This is the place in which you hope to make the kinds of memories last a lifetime. You need to consider very carefully who you’re going to trust to help you make this purchasing decision. in making this decision.

Selecting a reputable company, like Action Property Inspections, for your building inspections will remove the hassle and drama so you can concentrate on planning for your future. There are plenty of building inspection companies around, but going for the cheapest or the first ad that catches your eye is no guarantee of quality.

You need the kind of company that pays attention to your individual needs, values their customers and has old-fashioned, industry ‘know how’. A pre-purchase inspection arranged well before you ‘go unconditional’ means that any future headaches will be yesterday’s news. Be sure to choose a suitably qualified and experienced inspection company for this big responsibility.

What does a pre-purchase home buying inspection involve?

Here’s where you sort the wheat from the chaff in terms of property inspectors. Not all property reports are equal!

Firstly, Action Property Inspections will promptly connect with you and have a look at your potential new home as soon as possible. You don’t need any delays if the legal paperwork is already in process.
Your pre-purchase inspection report will thoroughly unpack any existing and potential issues in the home you hope to buy. You’ll get a comprehensive report with photos and descriptions from someone who is completely focused on ensuring you get value for your hard-earned money.

A pre-purchase inspection worth its salt will take time. There is a lot at stake! If you’re feeling rushed, or have concerns that your inspector is not listening to you, follow your instincts. A quality building inspector will take their time so that nothing is missed and, importantly, you have completely peace of mind.

Action Property Inspections will also provide a walkthrough of the property, pointing out any concerns or features that are helpful for you to know about. This is so much better than receiving an email with a few brief dot points.

In the kind of residential climate that’s so focused on turning a quick buck, you need someone on your side who can steer you away from pitfalls.

What does a pre-purchase inspection look for?

A pre-purchase inspection will focus on the major areas of your home that may pose any risk to safety or structure. These include:

1. Safety issues. It’s crucial to check for dodgy electrical wiring, missing smoke alarms or asbestos. It goes without saying that if you’re moving your family into a home you want them to be safe. A pre-purchase inspection will be able to raise any red flags that you need to know about.

2. Checking structures. Did the previous owners put up a balcony? If you’re not a building inspector yourself, how will you know if it’s up to code? A pre-purchase inspection will take any renovations into account.

3. Identifying hazards. Are the floor boards sound? Is there evidence of termites or borer damage in the wood? Are the stairs safe and up to Code? What about that railing? Using a good pre-purchase inspection is the equivalent of having a safety check through your home to make sure it’s fit for inhabitation. It can look pretty on the outside, but how do you know what’s lying in wait?

4. Finding any weaknesses. You need to make sure this is a sound structure that conforms to the Building Codes and Standards of Australia. If this check isn’t done, and the structure turns out to fall outside the code conditions, it’s you that’s responsible for bringing it up to standard. And that can be an extremely costly exercise indeed!

5. Calculating repair costs. If repairs are required, they can potentially be factored into the price of the home rather than you being stuck with the bill post-sale.

Use a pre-purchase inspection to ensure you’re making an informed decision

If you wait too long to arrange your pre-purchase home buying inspection you run the risk of possible flaws not being priced into the purchase. Noticed that there was a dodgy looking wall on your last walk-through? That could be the indicator of something serious and costly that will come back to bite you further down the track.

Buying a home is a big decision. You need to make sure that you’re receiving advice from someone who is looking out for your best interests. Choosing a reliable company to conduct your pre-purchase inspection means you’ll be fully aware of what you’re buying.

Need more information about booking a pre-purchase inspection? Contact the team at Action Property Inspections today!