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Building Inspections And The Top 5 Hidden Dangers

Top 5 Hidden Dangers Building Inspections Can Find

Organising pre-purchase building inspections is possibly the smartest decision you could make. This thorough examination of all the readily accessible aspects of a property, including the roof, will present you with a detailed and unbiased assessment. Failure to organise an examination could result in many hidden dangers rearing their head when you least expect it.

Here are the top five issues a building inspection can find.

1. Structure is not sound

Whilst a house may look solid, unless you know what to look out for, you may find yourself dealing with structural weaknesses, which potentially make the home unsafe to live in. Some of the issues include subsiding stumps and concrete slabs, dangerous deck structures without adequate bracing or fixings or serious decay damage.  Pre-purchase building inspections identify without a doubt any concerns with a property that could mean it is unfit to be lived in.

2. Illegal alterations

Over time homes are added to and extended by owners as families grow and needs change. It’s not uncommon to find garages built, extra rooms added and extensions made. The question is though, were these changes made in accordance with building standards? If not, and you find out too late that there has also not been appropriate council approval, you could be forced to demolish the changes or be up for expensive repairs.

3. Electrical wiring concerns

We all know how critical electrical safety is, not to mention smoke alarms and safety switches. Electrical wiring issues are commonly identified as defects in homes and without being addressed, there could be major fire risks just waiting to happen. Why risk undetected issues!

4. Hidden cracks and water damage

When a home is on the market, it will have had a lick of paint and a spring clean to ensure it looks the goods. A building inspection will see past the façade and be able to identify cracks in walls, minor and major, that may deem the property unsafe. Structural cracking can be extremely expensive to fix.

5. Failure to budget for expenses

You may be in the market to purchase a home at a discounted price that needs some repairs however going ahead without an inspection could leave you with unexpected repair issues. Building inspections will present you with reports that not only detail all the work that is involved but estimates on costs and timeframes. Getting a professional to give you a second opinion is priceless. This sample report is an example of what you should expect to receive from a building inspector.

Before you make an offer on a property, whether it is your first home or an investment building, organise a building inspection. For a relatively small fee you’ll be able to make a confident decision.



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