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Why is a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection so Important?

Obtaining a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is a vitally important component of any property purchase.  Before your purchase becomes unconditional, you should know exactly what you are purchasing.

Are there any Structural Defects?

The Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report will provide you with a detailed evaluation of the house and may alert you to potentially significant structural defects or possible systemic deterioration that may have gone unnoticed for many years. Without the services of an experienced Building Inspector these faults could go undetected until more significant ramifications occur. Alternatively, these faults could become apparent once you take possession of the property leaving you struggling to find the funds to undertake repairs whilst under the weight of a substantial mortgage.

Are any renovation works likely to have building approval?

A detailed Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report could also provide an opinion as to whether we believe certain elements of the house are unlikely to have building approval and will highlight potential safety issues etc.  Issues such as these can be very costly to rectify and can involve either seeking approval for the alterations, undertaking significant changes to make them safe and eligible for approval or removing the unapproved works.

These are just some of the reasons why it is imperative that a Building Inspection be obtained prior to the purchase of any house or unit, both new and old.

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