Brisbane building and pest inspection
Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections

Brisbane Building and Pest Inspection

One would assume that if you engaged a Brisbane building and pest inspection company to undertake a comprehensive report on a property you were intending to purchase, that the building and pest inspection report would be unbiased, accurate and that the building and pest inspector would be working in your best interests.

Unfortunately it is a sad indictment of our industry that some inspection companies are trying to walk a tightrope between keeping the real estate agent happy whilst undertaking a building inspection report for their client.

What should a good building inspector be doing?

A good building inspector should always be working solely for their client. The dodgy building inspectors are more concerned that if they accurately comment on issues they may force renegotiations or cancellation of a contract.

A building and pest report should be accurate and not compromised by a vendor or an agent hoping to secure a sale. It is now common practice for some building and pest inspection companies to work indirectly with agents with some inspection companies actually paying commissions for every inspection an agent or conveyancer recommends. Building and pest inspection companies must remain completely independent from agents and conveyancers if the reports are to remain unbiased and a true reflection of the condition of the property inspected.

Over the years we have had encounters with real estate agents and vendors disgruntled with the findings of our reports. On many occasions disgruntled vendors and agents have tried to coerce us to soften our report findings. Some agents go as far to utilise the services of ‘in-pocket’ building and pest inspectors to re-inspect a property in an attempt to contradict our report. At Action Property Inspections we never compromise on the quality of our report and with all the faults documented the findings are irrefutable.

It is your right to use a building and pest inspector of your choice

Another common practice we encounter on a regular basis is for an agent to try and prevent a purchaser from using the building inspector of their choice and to try and convince them to use one of their recommended home inspectors. The excuse they usually use is that the building inspector you have chosen is too picky and that you will never buy a house if you use them. The truth is they dislike our reports because they are accurate and designed to inform and empower our clients, not to help the vendor or agent flog a decrepit house.

As a client you have the right to be able to choose the building and pest inspection company of your choice – a company independent of the agent and working solely for you. Never use an inspection company recommended by an agent and never ever rely on a building or pest report supplied by an agent or vendor. Most pre-sale reports are not worth the paper they are written on.

What to look for when choosing your Building and Pest Inspection Company

When searching for your next Brisbane building inspection company check the following key points.

1. The actual building inspector on site must be able to produce his insurance and a license establishing that they are qualified to undertake the inspection.

2. Beware of companies that use sub-contractors to undertake your building and pest inspections. At Action Property Inspections the owner of the business will undertake all Brisbane building inspections.

3. One inspector trying to undertake both the building and pest inspection. It is not possible for one person to undertake an accurate inspection covering both building and pest in the one time slot. This jack of all trades approach is fraught with disaster and forms the basis of most of our litigation cases. Two inspectors are required, one focused on the building inspection and the other on the pest inspection.

4. Excuses not to inspect. There are some obvious restrictions that may prevent a building inspector accessing a certain area eg. potential hazard or vast storage etc. Some companies however use any excuse to claim access was not possible. For example there are virtually no building inspection companies that will access a two-storey roof even when access is very easy and safe to do so. Some building inspection companies will no longer enter into a roof space if they see insulation. The list of excuses is exhaustive.

5. Prior to booking a building and pest inspection you must be able to view the inspection report. Any company that does not provide a sample report does so for a reason. Some reports are very vague and do not accurately reflect the condition of the house inspected.

6. Make sure the building and pest inspection company is happy for you to attend the entire inspection. It gives you another chance to look around and re-evaluate the property.

7. Once the inspection has been completed the building inspector must provide you with a detailed verbal run through in conjunction with the building report. It is imperative that an after inspection service is also available for any questions you may have down the track.

Buying a house or building in Brisbane is a huge investment. Get it wrong and it could prove to be very costly. Don’t be intimidated by the vendor or agent. Obtain the building and pest inspection service that is working for you. Action Property Inspections is in your corner and working in your best interests.

Buying in Brisbane? Contact our team today to arrange your pre-purchase building and pest inspection.


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Andrew Mackintosh has been answering home inspection questions in the greater Brisbane area since 1995. He has personally carried out over 20,000 building inspections and is a licensed builder and licensed building inspector, Member of Queensland Master Builders Association & Institute of Building Consultants. Being the business owner and the inspector, Andrew is passionate about providing clients with excellent customer service, value for money, honest, unbiased, thorough inspection and reporting in a professional and timely manner to allow clients to make informed decisions when purchasing property.

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