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What Does a GOOD Building Inspector Include in Building Reports?

Building reports are documents which a building inspector will complete and issue to a potential buyer, outlining the condition of a property. They are a necessary record which can be used to renegotiate the purchase price of a property if defects are found. Not all building reports are the same though. A thorough inspection resulting in a quality report is what a potential property buyer expects, but not all building reports are the same.  Let’s explore what a good building inspector will include in their building report. 

What does a good building report look like?

A good building report should include all exterior and interior descriptions of the property that have been inspected. The inclusion of photos from the property revealing identified problems can give a potential new owner the opportunity to reconsider their offer or pull out altogether if the costs to fix the home are more than the buyer intended. Here is a sample of a pre-purchase building report issued by Action Property Inspections. This document offers an example of what you should receive and you shouldn’t expect anything less. 

What does a good building report include? 

A thorough building inspection should include the exterior and interior of a home, including cavities under the floor, under the roof, and even chimneys. This inspection can give the building inspector an idea of the structural integrity of the property.

Allotment inspections are also a vital part to a building inspection as crumbling retaining walls, decaying fences and inadequate surface drainage can cause headaches for the new owners. These areas of a property can cost thousands to fix. It’s important these are included in the pre-purchase inspection. 

A good building report should include the following categories. 

A good building inspector will complete a thorough inspection and ensure all findings are written in the building report. Photos detailing the issues should be included in the report. Building reports should be easy to read, and the photos can assist potential buyers in seeing the issues identified at the inspection. These features in a report offer attention to detail and can give peace of mind to the home buyers, knowing professional eyes have inspected the property. 

Building reports are essential. Secure yours with the best in the business, call Action Property Inspections to organise a pre-purchase inspection today.


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