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Buying A Fixer Upper In Brisbane? Here’s What You Need To Consider

With the most recent series of The Block finishing up on our screens a few weeks ago, the auction results are certainly a big motivator for trying your hand at your own fixer upper. Yet, what may seem easy on the screen, is anything but easy in real life. There is a lot of behind […]

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Need Building Approvals In Brisbane? Choose Action Property Inspections

Understanding Building Approvals In Brisbane
When you are looking to purchase a home, being aware of illegal or unapproved building additions or modifications to your potential property is essential. Having the right building approvals in place for a Brisbane property is a must; without them, you could find yourself shelling out for expensive renovations you had […]

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Ever Wondered How To Calculate Roof Pitch? Click here!

How To Calculate Roof Pitch

If you’re installing, repairing or replacing a roof, there’s a huge pitfall lying in wait for you: getting the maths wrong when you calculate roof pitch can have a huge impact on your home. If you’re having a sudden, traumatic flashback to high school maths class right now, you’re not the […]

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Underfloor Inspections Support Your House Investment. Here’s Why!

Support Your House With Underfloor Inspections

Underfloor inspections should be much more than simply checking that the underfloor space is dry and well ventilated. A quick visual inspection may fail to identify major structural defects or other significant problems in the underfloor area that can lead to very expensive repairs once you’ve moved into your new […]

Building Permits Brisbane – What You Need To Know

Building Permits in Brisbane

Thinking about buying to renovate? Snapping up a little ‘fixer-upper’ is only the first tentative step of many along the way to a successful renovation. Owning a property doesn’t automatically give you carte blanche to renovate it as you see fit. All local councils are active in overseeing and regulating the type […]

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Property Investment For Profit In Brisbane – Find Out How

5 Red Hot Investment Spots In Brisbane

If you are looking at property investment for profit in Brisbane, these red hot suburbs are sure to be of interest. With Melbourne and Sydney becoming far less attractive to investors due to over demand and increasingly high property prices, all eyes are turning to Brisbane as the next […]

Buying the Worst House In The Best Street In Brisbane

Buying The Worst House In The Best Street In Brisbane
Thinking of buying the worst house in the best street in Brisbane? You must read this before buying!
Looking for the worst house in the best street is a bit of a real estate cliché, but if you’re keen on an affordable investment opportunity it can be […]

Timber Floor Issues? Here’s What You NEED To Know!

Thinking Of Installing Timber Floors? Here Are A Few Things You Should Consider!

Are you thinking of buying and installing timber floors in your home? Before you do, there are a few important things you should consider. From floor maintenance to whether your household includes pets and children, we’ve got every one of those tricky timber […]

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Brisbane’s Clay Soil Hotspots – Is Your House at Risk?

One of the biggest threats to your Brisbane property is lurking right under your feet. Reactive soil has the potential to warp and crack your walls, damage your pipes and drainage systems, crack your pool and wreak havoc on the appearance and structural integrity of your home. Worse still, the damage caused by reactive soil […]

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House Restumping In Brisbane – Costs And Considerations

House Restumping In Brisbane – Cost And Considerations

Your home needs restumping? Don’t panic. House restumping in Brisbane would be a huge undertaking for you, but not when left to the professionals. Here’s what you need to know.

How do I know if my Brisbane house needs restumping?
Brisbane house restumping is common, particularly in older properties. There […]

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