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Buying a House Without Building Regulations Approval – The Risks You Face

Buying any home is filled with inherent risk. This risk is typically allayed by the employment of reliable, experienced and unbiased building and pest inspectors.  

But what if you decide to forge ahead on your own? Buying a house without building regulations approval opens you up to a world of chaos and uncertainty – all because you were initially trying to save a few bucks.  

Buying a house without building regulations approval

Any financial decision you make, particularly one as significant as the purchasing of a home, requires your due diligence. Working with just the advice of a conveyancer and not a professional team means that you are leaving yourself wide open for failure.  

Picture this. You’ve found your dream home. It looks like the previous owners have made a few changes on the cheap, but that’s fine – you’ll get to the bottom of it after you move in. You move ahead with the purchase, full steam ahead, before someone else snaps up your dream.  

Uh oh. There’s a whole lot of trouble coming your way.  

What’s the problem?

Getting things approved in retrospect, as opposed to finding and sorting out issues initially, can cost a lot. In addition to that, you may face cataclysmic issues when you plan to sell the house on. Your local Queensland council could force you to remove the existing structure in its entirety. Disaster upon disaster.  

But most of all – is it safe? How do you know? You’ve been wrong before. What possible risk are you sacrificing the health and wellbeing of your family to?  

There’s just so much at stake.  

Queensland Council Approvals

As previously mentioned, retrospective approval is far more expensive. Building regulations approval should come at the beginning of this process as you work with ainspector who knows their way around the legislation. The building inspector can often tell by the method of construction whether the structure would have approval, however, in all instances during the conveyancing procedure, we would recommend your legal team carry out approval searches with council. In fact, the only building structures you are able to create in Queensland without council approval are so incredibly slim that they are barely even worth mentioning.  

So what should we do?

Work by the book. Put money up initially to ensure you are receiving the right kind of advice. If your pre-purchase inspector identifies a structural or home-renovation issue within the home of your dreams then follow their advice. You can still get that home – you just need to be realistic and follow the letter of the law.  

Make the right move

With decades worth of experience in the Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Logan and Ipswich areas, you won’t have any questions after working with the Action Property Inspections team. Make a booking today.  


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