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Cracks in VJ Walls – Does it Matter?

Are you buying your first home in Queensland and worried about cracks and gaps in the VJ panelling of your potential new property?  

In this article, we’ll discuss whether cracks in vertical join walls is a problem, as well as other issues you need to be aware of when installing VJ boards in your home. 

Vertical Join Walls

Vertical join walls (or VJ boards) can be a great way to add character and style to your new home. In most cases, VJ panelling is easy to install and often appears in Queensland homes as feature walls. It can be genuine timber board or MDF sheet panelling designed to look like real VJ boards. 

Do gaps in VJ walls matter?

One of the questions we’re frequently asked at Action Property Inspections is whether first time buyers should worry about gaps in old VJ panelling. When we talk about VJ walls in homes, we’re more referring to gaps between the individual boards rather than actual cracking of the individual VJ timbers themselves.  

Gaps often appear as the weather in Queensland becomes humid or dry, causing slight house movement. The progression of time will also contribute to timber board shrinkage.   

Sometimes, these gaps will change over time as the weather changes. They can easily be rectified with a quality gap filler if required.   

As such, cracks may not look the best, but it is not really an issue that will affect the structural integrity of your Queensland home. 

What other issues should I be aware of with VJ walls?

While gaps between VJ walls mightn’t necessarily be a major issue, subsidence and movement is something that you should be aware of.  Subsidence and wall movement will require an engineering evaluation and can be costly to repair.  Some other issues to monitor with VJ panelling are: 

  • Movement between panels can allow dirt to fall through from the roof into the living space 
  • Water leaks causing sagging or cupping of VJ boards 
  • Termite and other pest issues  

Some of these issues may seem insignificant, however, they should be addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

If you spot any of these significant issues in your VJ panelling of the home you are purchasing, contact the team at Action Inspections immediately. We will provide you with a professional building inspection report and advise on how to address structural issues in your home. 

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