Interested in a granny flat but want to make sure granny will actually be okay in it? Here’s what you need to know!

Five Red Flags to Look for in a Granny Flat

How to Inspect PROPERLY for Granny | Five Red Flags to Look for in a Granny Flat

The decision to purchase a home that comes with a granny flat is something that many Brisbane families are increasingly considering. The ability to keep family close is of huge appeal. Generations of family living together means that ongoing care is possible, potentially without having to consider retirement living options. There’s also the joy that comes with seeing young families grow up while including older members of the tribe. It’s a win-win.

However, not all granny flats are alike. There are a few things to consider when purchasing a home that has a granny flat to make sure that this is a wise investment instead of a can of worms.

Here’s what you need to know.

Five RED FLAGS When Inspecting Granny Flats

Granny Flat Flag – How Was it Built?

The first consideration must be given to the original construction of the granny flat add-on. These are supposed to be ‘stand alone’ structures within the boundaries of your property. Many older granny flats are riddled with issues that often go undetected in larger homes. Consider the age of the structure, materials used and the overall quality of the build. It goes without saying that this structure should be included in a pre-purchase inspection!

Granny Flat Flag – Was it Purpose-Built or an Add-On?

It is a converted garage? Is it a converted shipping container? Was this build actually part of the property plan or is it an add on? These are considerations that need to be front of mind when inspecting granny flats.

Granny (and Papa) deserve to live in a purpose-built structure with the necessary mod cons. Shoving them into a converted garage might be a great short-term solution, but what happens when the weather starts to warm up or cool down? Consider your options and the value of choosing a purpose-built granny flat that was designed to be lived in.

Granny Flat Flag – How is it Powered?

Is the granny flat a ‘standalone’ in terms of being powered or does it rely on a connection to the main abode? You’re running the risk of potential electrical faults and surges if your power needs aren’t taken into consideration.

Granny Flat Flag – Is it Liveable? 

Is this space actually a home or is it a storage shed for old people? That sounds quite cavalier but it’s definitely something you need to consider. Can you picture your beloved parents actually making a home here or does it seem like a transitory space?

Granny Flat Flag – Accessibility

This should be top of your list when inspecting a space for the older members of your family. Is this accessible for changing physical, emotional and mental needs? Are there safety railings and ramps if required? Can they be easily added onto the property?

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